5 Questions with...Steve Dahl


5 Questions with...Steve Dahl

By Jeff Nuich
CSN Chicago Senior Director of CommunicationsCSNChicago.com Contributor

January 27, 2010

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This weekhes a Chicago radio legend, pioneer, innovator, trendsetter, etcthat list can go on foreverfans can catch him next hosting the 22nd annual Comcast SportsNet Sports Awards benefiting the March of Dimes on February 11 live on Comcast SportsNethes the one and onlyhere are 5 Questions withSTEVE DAHL!

BIO: From Radio Legend to Podcasting Pioneer, Steve Dahl, in his 31st year of broadcasting, and he has just as much to talk about as he did on day one.

Steve Dahl is one of radios most successful and enduring talents, known for holding few topics off limits and allowing his listeners an intimate look into both his professional and private lives. He now invites listeners to experience an even more intimate glimpse of his life by doing his show in his own home studio where daily life and show boundaries collide. From Janet, to their dogs, Mable and Milly to their sump pumps, nothing is off limits.

Starting out his radio career in California and Detroit, respectively, Steve set his sights out for a career in Chicago radio, beginning with two stints at WLUP-FM (97.9, "The Loop") and the now- defunct WLUP-AM. He later spent five years at WLS-AM (890) and FM. Closing an 11-year chapter in radio at WCKG-FM (105.9) in November 2007, Steve moved to mornings on sister station WJMK-FM (104.3), also known as Jack-FM. Steve is still a member of the CBS family and records a daily 1-hour podcast from his in-home studio in the western suburbs. With countless shakeups in the radio world, Steve has remained a Chicago mainstay.

Steves expertise is not just limited to radio, but extends to television and music as well. He won a Chicago television Emmy in 1982 in the category "Outstanding Achievement for a Single Program" for his work on Greetings From Graceland, chronicling his tour of Elvis' estate. Since then, he has produced groundbreaking programs such as ABCs story of the Beach Boys, Summer Dreams, and the shows It's Too Early, New Year's Steve and Garry and the CBS late-night show, The Midnight Hour. He also created and executive produced the PBS music series Soundstage in 2003.

Steve has hosted the Comcast SportsNet Sports Awards benefiting the March of Dimes, in 2008 and 2009 and will host again in February of 2010. The 2009 show was nominated for a ChicagoMidwest Emmy award.

Steves name is often synonymous with 1979s Disco Demolition. Some even call it Steves most influential contribution to the national music scene. Initially crafted as a radio promotion, Steve lead a Disco Sucks chant as an estimated 90,000 fans and listeners showed up to storm the field, joining him in setting fire to thousands of disco records. The event put Steve on the map in Chicago and the rest of the country, and earned him the reputation of being one of the most influential DJs in rock history.

His 25th anniversary in Chicago was recognized with a party in February&8232;2003 at Chicagos Museum of Broadcast Communications. For his 20th anniversary, Illinois Governor Jim Edgar proclaimed February 28, 1998 "Steve Dahl Day" throughout the entire state.

Although Steve is a staunch supporter of his self-created Reading is for Losers campaign (not really), he became the witty vice advisor for the Chicago Tribune in January 2006, penning comedic articles surmounting the main vices in his life. In June of 2009, Steve began writing a weekly column in the Chicago Tribunes Live section ranging in topics from back to school shopping in the husky department to his Japanese friend, Shu, and his love of the Bears.

After inviting rock band The Nadas to be the house band for the Steve Dahl Show on the most recent fall trip to Mexico, Steve instantly felt a musical connection with the band. Steve spent most of his summer in 2007 playing Dahlfins gigs with The Nadas across the Chicagoland area. Look for Steve to re-record some of his classics and record some new songs with The Nadas (or as Steve likes to call them, the Nothings).

Steve and his wife Janet reside in the western suburbs of Chicago. They have three grown sons: Pat, Mike and Matt.

1) CSNChicago.com: Steve, its been over a year since weve heard you on the radio and it wont be until NEXT year until we hear you on a Chicago radio outlet once again. When that time comes, if WGN Radio came to you and asked if youd be interested in re-teaming with your former partner Garry Meier once again (which would no doubt be the biggest local media story in years with guaranteed massive listenership for that station), would you consider doing it?

Dahl: I certainly wouldnt rule it out. Garry and I did a lot of really good work together back in the day, and I think that our personal relationship is definitely back on track. Also, it would be somewhat ironic considering my history with WGN Radio over the years.

2) CSNChicago.com: Since youve been off the radio airwaves, youve once again found a way to reach out and stay in touch with your audience via your wildly-popular Dahl.com Dahlcasts (congrats on recently reaching over 1,000,000 downloads of your podcast by the way), along with your continuous Facebook and Twitter updates. Does embracing new technology excite you or is it something you feel you just have no choice but to utilize to stay in touch with your fans in this day and age?

Dahl: I am technology. Back in the old days, I had a 976 number just to leave updates for my fans when we got suspended and things like that. I am extremely excited by the internet and all of the new social networking thats out there today. It makes staying in touch with my fans easier than ever, especially now that Im only Dahlcasting. I just love it! Plus, its a great outlet for my random thoughts.

3) CSNChicago.com: As arguably one of the biggest White Sox fans in the city, tell us your thoughts and predictions about the upcoming 2010 season?

Dahl: I always feel good about the upcoming season. Kenny Williams always seems to come up with a very viable product year after year. I think the starting rotation will be as strong as its been in quite some time (2005). Im very excited about this year and cant wait for Opening Day. I am also really loving the Blackhawks too. The Bears, are another story

4) CSNChicago.com: Other than your frequent visits to Maui and Florida, are there any other places around the world you hope to visit one day?

Dahl: I would love to go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, visit Japan and maybe Hong Kong too. In the meantime, I like to hit up Chinatown. Its so close to the Cell and I loves me some egg foo young.

5) CSNChicago.com: Were thrilled youre back hosting the February 11 Comcast SportsNet Sports Awards for the third-straight year (NOTE: over the past 22 years, no one has ever hosted the Sports Awards for three years in a row). You opened the show with a song at last years event. What surprises can we expect from you this year?
Dahl: If I told you, they wouldnt be surprises (LOL). I will tell you that I am working on another song to open up the show. I am really honored that they asked me back for the third-straight year. Its been a blast each and every year so far, and the March of Dimes kids are really amazing and inspirational.

BONUS QUESTIONCSNChicago.com: Any final words of wisdom to pass along to all the CSNChicago.com readers out there Steve? Please share your thoughts with us

Dahl: We live in the greatest sports city in the world, so dont forget to stop and remember that once in a while, even when your team is sucking. We are also very blessed to have Comcast SportsNet. You guys do an excellent job of keeping the Chicago fans informed.


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22nd annual Comcast SportsNet Sports Awards

Doug McDermott to return for Bulls against Spurs after missing 11 games with concussion

Doug McDermott to return for Bulls against Spurs after missing 11 games with concussion

After a couple weeks of woozy moments, confusing car rides and 11 games of inactivity due to suffering a concussion Bulls forward Doug McDermott will return to action tonight against the San Antonio Spurs.

McDermott took a hard fall Nov. 12 against the Washington Wizards while going up for a dunk, hitting his head on the unforgiving floor of the United Center and had to go through the concussion protocol before finally being cleared. It was his second concussion this season, with the first coming on Halloween.

“Good, great, it’s been a long couple weeks, but finally feel good to be able to go out there and compete, so I’m excited,” McDermott said after morning shootaround at the Advocate Center.

The last couple of days after being cleared for contact, he practiced with the Bulls’ D-League team in the attempt to get some rhythm and most importantly, some conditioning after being out for so long.

He was in great spirits Thursday, a sharp contrast to the initial days after the concussion where the simplest tasks became herculean.

“The first week-and-a-half was tough sleeping-wise, just weird symptoms you don’t even realize,” McDermott said. “Just being in cars, going to my appointments was tough at times, some headaches throughout the week. But with a concussion you just have to be true to yourself and true to the doctors. You don’t want to lie about things because it can only make things worse. I’m finally to the point where I’m feeling better.”

McDermott said going to physical therapy or riding on the freeway would trigger vertigo in the first week, but luckily for him, it didn’t last much longer after that. The first concussion of his career took him to different place mentally, and he leaned on Celtics big man Al Horford during that time of confusion and frustration.

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Horford missed a number of games with a concussion he suffered early in the season.

“Talked to him for about 30 minutes,” McDermott said. “He was in the middle of his and I had my second one. We talked about our symptoms and he really took his time and you see his game has been really good since he came back.”

“We're really the only two guys who've had it this year. People don't really understand, it's a tough deal. Basketball can be physical. You see it a lot in football. You gotta be true to yourself, true to your doctors because you don't wanna mess around.”

With the second concussion taking place 13 days after the first, McDermott and the Bulls had to be a lot more careful the next time around. Having one is scary enough but the fall he took in the United Center probably ignited a fear in him that he didn’t know existed.

“Yeah, you have to just listen to your symptoms, but I think with the second one in such a short period of time they wanted to be cautious too, and I did too,” McDermott said. “It’s not like an ankle sprain or a knee deal where you can play through things like that. It’s your brain, so you want to be as sharp as possible.”

The Bulls need any type of reinforcement they can get, especially for the struggling bench. McDermott feels like he can add some confidence or at least put other guys in a more natural order, although that remains to be seen as Nikola Mirotic and Isaiah Canaan have really struggled in his absence — all season, it seems.

“I think we'll get our swagger back too. We've had some injuries,” McDermott said. “Once we get myself and Michael (Carter-Williams) back, we've been rotating guys that aren't used to playing with each other. Once we get some continuity there with that group, things will get better. Adding a shooter like me, it'll take pressure off Niko, take pressure off Isaiah to hit shots. Just having 3 floor spacers out there will really help all of us.”

Jonathan Toews, Brent Seabrook out vs. Rangers

Jonathan Toews, Brent Seabrook out vs. Rangers

Brent Seabrook is out and Jonathan Toews will miss his eighth consecutive game when the Blackhawks host the New York Rangers on Friday night.

Seabrook suffered an upper-body injury in the second period of the Blackhawks’ 4-0 victory over the Arizona Coyotes on Tuesday night. The defenseman fell awkwardly along the boards and was down for a few moments. Coach Joel Quenneville said Seabrook is day-to-day. Quenneville added he’ll decide tomorrow who takes Seabrook’s place in the lineup.

“Seabs has played really well for us on the back end this year and we’ll definitely miss his contributions,” Quenneville said. “We’re looking for someone to step in.”

Toews is feeling better and could skate on Friday. Quenneville would not rule out the possibility of Toews returning Sunday against the Dallas Stars.

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Duncan Keith did not practice on Thursday but he’s expected to play vs. the Rangers. Scott Darling will start.

Quenneville said Corey Crawford, who had an appendectomy on Saturday, is “status quo.”

Meanwhile, Nick Schmaltz, who was assigned to Rockford over the weekend, scored two goals in the IceHogs’ 3-2 loss to the San Antonio Rampage.

“I talked to Norm (Maciver, Blackhawks assistant general manager) about his game, they were extremely happy with how he played,” Quenneville said of Schmaltz. “He scored twice and there could’ve been more.”