And the Oscar goes to...

And the Oscar goes to...

February 24, 2013, 5:15 pm
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The Academy Awards -- the one time you hear "Oscar" and don't think about hot dogs, deli meat or a furry green guy in a trash can. No, this Oscar is the the creme of the crop, the best of the best. The Oscars are bigger than the Golden Globes and more prestigious than the Emmy Awards.   
In Chicago sports, that type of honor and glory only comes with Championships, MVP awards and The Comcast Sportsnet Stucky's. So, without further adieu, the envelopes please!
Best Director: Tom Thibodeau
Despite missing Derrick Rose for 27 games last season, the Bulls earned the best record in the NBA. The team is without Rose again this season and the Bulls still have one of the top records in the league.
Best Actor in a Leading Role: Jonathan Toews
Nobody in Chicago acts more like a leader than Captain Serious. He's one of the NHL's top players and he's highly respected both on and off the ice. Toews is a rare athlete that every franchise wants on their team.
Best Original Score: Stacey King
"I like my meatballs spicy!"   Did you not get the memo?
Best Action Picture: Taj Gibson
He won't put you in a movie, but you better watch out for the poster. This is the best picture of the year, so far.......

Best Set Design: Chicago Cubs
It's a collaborative effort, and it's not always linear. Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have mapped out what sounds like a smart plan and it goes with an impressive makeover blueprint for Wrigley Field. Now, let's see if the creative designs can turn into a winner at more than just the box office.
Best Sequel: Alex Rios

In the tightest voting in history, Alex Rios beats out Adam Dunn and Jake Peavy. Finally, a sequel that's better than the original. Kudos to all three nominees.

Best Supporting Actor: Alain Vigneault

Great acting. So believable.
Best Lighting: Super Bowl XLVII
Turn of the lights, the party is over.
Best Animation: Lovie Smith
Too soon?   
Best Picture: Chicago Blackhawks
This amazing drama is a true story showing currently on Comcast SportsNet. The Blackhawks have gone from the lows of a lockout to the best start in NHL history. One third of the season is gone without a single loss in regulation. Cue the Chelsea Dagger.
Lifetime Achievement Award: Kerry Wood
This honor always goes to the retired or aging star who just never quite won the big trophy, but still finds a way to be the fan's favorite. Susan Lucci finally won her Emmy. Wood finally gets his day in the spotlight.