And the winner is

And the winner is
October 28, 2012, 4:55 am
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The Panthers have impact players at all three key skill areas: quarterback (Cam Newton), running back (DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart) and receiver (Steve Smith, tight end Greg Olsen). The Bears have the corresponding pieces in place to stymie all three.

Look for the Bears, who blitzed safeties in thwarting Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions, to maintain their blend of attack and patience, pressure but letting the other guy make the big mistakes, which theyve done.

We know what were doing, said linebacker Brian Urlacher. We havent done a lot of stuff. Weve run a lot of Cover-1, Cover-2, we havent blitzed a lot; when weve wanted to, weve blitzed.

And were doing things the right way; were not making mistakes. Were letting teams make all the mistakes. We go for the football and havent made a lot of mistakes. And when we do make one, we rally to the football and overcome those mistakes.

Unless Jay Cutler and the offense inexplicably start turning that ball over:

Bears 30 Panthers 17