Bad news, Bears: Rodgers wants to be a Packer for life


Bad news, Bears: Rodgers wants to be a Packer for life

There was a time when Brett Favre was more a scourge of Chicago than Mrs. OLearys cow. Then Lovie Smith came and the Bears owned Favre (6-2).

Then Favre left and darkness (spelled A-a-r-o-n-R-o-d-g-e-r-s) once again descended over the land. The Bears are 2-7 against Green Bay Packers teams led by Rodgers.

More worrisome is that it could be getting worse. Green Bays winning margins have been 7, 7, 10 and 14 over the last four games. The Packers have scored 10, 21, 27 and 35 points in those games, point totals having nothing to do with Jay Cutlers thumb or knee.

The problem for the Bears is that, unlike Favre, Rodgers is giving no indication of leaving.

Where Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are engaged in a potentially damaging taffy pull involving a franchise tag as well Rogers made clear in an exclusive interview with Mike Vandermause up at the Green Bay Press Gazette that he doesnt see himself having Brees problems, or leaving.

I want to be a Packer for life and I dont see myself going anywhere else, Rodgers told Mike. I dont think the Packers would even get close to that.

When the negotiation time does come I have confidence in my representation and I know were going to do a fair deal, its fair for them and for me. And hopefully Ill feel good about it.

If he does, chances are the Bears and Chicago wont.

Photo: Thad Matta dons Ohio State basketball uniform


Photo: Thad Matta dons Ohio State basketball uniform

Baseball is unique among the sports in requiring managers and coaches to suit up in the same uniforms the players wear.

Could you imagine football coaches having to wear pads and jerseys? Or basketball coaches ditching their suits for the sleeveless-and-shorts look?

Well, for better or for worse, you don't have to imagine any longer.

Before Ohio State players arrived Thursday for photos in the team's new uniforms, head coach Thad Matta decided to give the new duds a test run himself.

What resulted was one of the better pictures in recent Twitter memory.

I think Matta is starting a trend here. Time to bust out the petition to get all college hoops coaches to wear their teams' uniforms on the sideline.

Looking good, coach, though I doubt they'll let you wear that watch while you play.

Penn State AD says James Franklin is not on the hot seat


Penn State AD says James Franklin is not on the hot seat

Is James Franklin on the hot seat?

Perhaps fans and observers think the Penn State head coach should be, but the Nittany Lions' athletics director certainly doesn't.

Sandy Barbour told the Altoona Mirror that Franklin is not on the hot seat and gave a complete vote of confidence in the coach, who's coming off a blowout 49-10 loss against Michigan.

"He's not on the hot seat, and he's not going to be on the hot seat in December," Barbour told the Mirror's Cory Giger.

"James is going to be our football coach. I believe in where this football program is going under James Franklin, and I think he's going to be our football coach, period."

Franklin is in his third season at the helm in Happy Valley, and while he's had his fair share of recruiting successes, he hasn't experienced much success on the field. After last weekend's loss to Michigan, Franklin is now 0-7 against ranked opponents since arriving at Penn State ahead of the 2014 season.

"When Penn State is where we ought to be, where we should be, where we're all striving to be, we absolutely should go toe to toe with anyone in the country. Clearly we're not there," Barbour said. "We're not a finished product. I don't think anybody thought we would be a finished product four games into the season.

"Was Saturday disappointing? Of course it was. But no one's more disappointed than our coaching staff and our student-athletes in our football program. So I certainly understand where our fans are coming from and the disappointment."

Back-to-back 7-6 finishes could be seen as mild successes, perhaps, considering the program is still working out from the shadow of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. But Penn State's historic status as one of college football's power programs is certainly not applicable right now, and the Lions competing for any kind of championship seems completely unrealistic in the ultra-competitive Big Ten East Division.

All that has led plenty to believe that Franklin's job might be in jeopardy, but Barbour at least verbally put those notions to rest.

"I believe that James is the right guy, and yeah, he's going to be our football coach."