'Balance' formula working for Bears' O

'Balance' formula working for Bears' O
October 20, 2012, 7:41 pm
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That offense is taking the shape it did the last two years when it made its biggest strides. The Bears are 4-0 in games when they put up at least 25 runs, losing only at Green Bay when some mysterious interloper started calling plays.

I think there was a guy that was calling plays in Green Bay that didnt call the run enough, offensive coordinator Mike Tice deadpanned. I think that was a part of the problem. Hopefully hes not showing up this week.

Best guess: not.

But while the Bears want to run the ball for better than the 4.1 yards per carry they are averaging only at Green Bay and Jacksonville have they averaged more than 4 yards per rush the formula for success has proved to be balance, Brandon Marshall notwithstanding.

The Bears have run 321 plays. Of those, 151 (47 percent) have been runs.

I think its imperative to get the run going each week because you have to have balance, Tice said. Playactions dont work when you cant run the ball. And typically throughout the league, if you look at it, the big shots come off of play action, because youre not getting that really quick pass rush.

When you go play action, you have to make them stop and re-start and when you do that, then can get some shots down the field.

Not coincidentally, the Bears worst passing game this year also was in Green Bay: seven sacks, 74 total air yards.

Cutlers longest completion was 22 yards, the only game in which he has not had a completion of at least 34 yards.