Bears 'chaos management' key on OL


Bears 'chaos management' key on OL

Exactly which of the injured Bears Spencer, cornerback Charles Tillman, linebacker Lance Briggs, running back Matt Forte, returner Devin Hester will play Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks really wont be known until that morning, maybe on Friday if coach Lovie Smith announces an early out.

And exactly what any of the personnel situation mean wont really be clear until mid-afternoon that day.

But chaos is often the friend of the prepared and the Bears have managed chaos extremely well recently, particularly on the offensive line, when forced on them by injury or incompetence.

Holding Jared Allen, Kevin Williams and Minnesota Vikings at bay after demotions and injuries was not the first time for successful chaos management.

The Bears reached the 2010 NFC Championship game with Frank Omiyale starting the last 14 games of the season at left tackle. So if there are any misgivings remaining with either JMarcus Webb (a rookie emergency right tackle for the last 12 games) or Jonathan Scott. Omiyale is now the backup left tackle for the Seahawks.

And the starting left guard beginning with the Seattle game and the subsequent 10 after than was Chris Williams, a former No. 1 pick as a tackle and whod never played guard before. Sound familiar?

Last years team went to 7-3, ranked sixth in scoring and as high as No. 9 rushing with an offensive line that went through Gabe Carimi, Omiyale and finally Lance Louis in just the first six games.

Fill-ins set a standard

The real point is how Carimi and Edwin Williams played on short notice against Minnesota. For perspective, Carimi not only had never played guard, but spent the week working entirely at tackle, albeit as the swing tackle.

Williams has been almost exclusively the backup center behind Roberto Garza. The result with the fill-ins was no sacks.

I really liked what Carimi was able to do, Smth said. When you havent played that position and the team needs you and you step in right away and play pretty good just like Edwin Williams, hadnt gotten a lot of time, but he stepped in and did a good job also.

President Obama on Joe Maddon: 'Not a lot of coaches or managers who are as cool as this guy'

President Obama on Joe Maddon: 'Not a lot of coaches or managers who are as cool as this guy'

As one of the cooler presidents ever, President Obama knows cool when he sees it.

The president talked about numerous members of the Cubs during the team's visit to the White House on Monday, but he only offered the "cool" label to manager Joe Maddon, who most folks can agree is probably the coolest person to ever manage the Cubs.

"Let's face it, there are not a lot of coaches or managers who are as cool as this guy. Look how he looks right now," Obama said, pointing out Maddon's non-traditional suit. "That's cool."

The president also praised Maddon's unique style, with his themed road trips and visits from zoo animals, as well as his on-field prowess, throwing in a joke about something the skipper couldn't control during the World Series.

"He's got a lot tricks to motivate. But he's also a master of tactics and knows how to make the right move at the right time: when to pinch hit, when to pinch run, when to make it rain in Game 7 of the World Series. It was masterful."

Maybe President Obama really does admire Maddon's style. Or maybe he's just extending his bromance with Vice President Biden to other famous Joes.

Check out the video above for more from the president.

At Cubs' White House visit, President Obama touts Michelle Obama's Cubs fandom, shouts out Jose Cardenal

At Cubs' White House visit, President Obama touts Michelle Obama's Cubs fandom, shouts out Jose Cardenal

Unlike her husband, Michelle Obama hasn't made a big deal out of her baseball fandom over the past eight years.

But as President Obama mentioned while he honored the World Series champion Cubs on Monday at the White House, it turns out the First Lady is a pretty big Cubs fan and watching the Cubs win the World Series meant an awful lot to her.

"It is no secret that there's a certain South Side team that has my loyalty," the president said. "So I can't claim that I have the same visceral joy of some in this White House. But FLOTUS is a lifelong Cubs fan, and I will tell you ... in the eight years that I've been here, we've hosted at least 50 teams. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, you name it. Michelle has never come to a single event celebrating a champion until today. She came and shook hands and met with every one of these members of the Cubs organization and told a story about what it meant for her to be able to see them win. She remembers coming home from school, and her dad would be watching a Cubs game, and the bond and the family, the meaning that the Cubs had for her in terms of connecting with her father and why it meant so much to her. And I almost choked up listening to it. And it spoke, I think, to how people feel about this organization and that it's been passed on generation after generation. It's more than just sports."

And one ex-Cub even got a special invite to the White House so the First Lady could meet her all-time favorite player. That was former pitcher Jose Cardenal, once famous for his large afro. According to President Obama, his wife used to try and wear her hat over her afro just like Cardenal did.

So while President Obama was presented with a lifetime pass to Wrigley Field, perhaps it's Michelle who will get more use out of it.

Check out more from the president in the video above.