Bobby Jenks to be next featured guest on Inside Look

Bobby Jenks to be next featured guest on Inside Look
February 6, 2014, 11:00 am
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“Inside Look presented by Cadillac,” hosted by Comcast SportsNet’s Chuck Garfien & featuring Bobby Jenks to debut Saturday, February 15 at 8:00 PM to provide additional web-exclusive coverage of ‘Inside Look,’ including extended video clips

Chicago, IL (February 6, 2014) – Comcast SportsNet, the television home for the most games and most comprehensive coverage of the Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs and White Sox, continues to delve into the lives of some of the biggest names in Chicago sports with its candid, monthly, one-on-one interview series Inside Look presented by Cadillac.

Debuting Saturday, February 15 at 8:00 PM CT, Comcast SportsNet’s Chuck Garfien hosts an exclusive one-on-one interview with former Chicago White Sox closer and 2005 World Series champion BOBBY JENKS. Jenks, a mid-season call up during the 2005 White Sox championship season who pitched in every World Series game that season, delivers a candid discussion as he describes his first back surgery operation which led to massive physical/mental complications, his addiction to painkillers. Jenks also discusses being on the mound during the last out of the ’05 series, the historic city celebration that ensued, and much more.

In addition, viewers are urged to check out Comcast SportsNet’s website,, for additional interview content never before seen on TV. Fans will also be able to watch every Inside Look guest interview online after it debuts on Comcast SportsNet. Comcast SportsNet will also re-air Inside Look with Bobby Jenks on the following dates/times: Tue, Feb 18 at 12:30pm - Thu, Feb 20 at 9:30pm - Sat, Feb 22 at 5pm - Mon, Feb 24 at 4:30pm - Tue, Feb 25 at 9pm & Fri, Feb 28 at 11:30pm. (Schedule subject to change)

Note the following quotes from Inside Look with Bobby Jenks presented by Cadillac premiering Saturday, February 15 at 8:00 PM on Comcast SportsNet:

JENKS on the surgical procedure on his back and the terrifying personal aftermath:

“I ended up opening myself up in two different spots in my spine and I was leaking spinal fluid very heavily for about a week after my surgery. I didn’t realize it at the time until I went to sit down on the couch and it literally felt like one of my kids was behind me and dumped a glass of water down my back. That’s how much fluid came out when my incision burst open. It’s pretty nasty to think about, but my back was like a faucet was left on and fluid was just coming out. I went in to see a few friends, doctor friends who were over there in Arizona, and they immediately told me to go to the emergency room right now and they called ahead to Dr. Chris Young, who was the surgeon in Arizona. I went in for emergency surgery that night.

“I literally was close to death, not just scared to death, I was close. After Dr. Young went in there and fixed the two incisions and cleaned up the mishaps that happened, I also had an injection in there that was very close to my brain stem. It climbed all the way up to my spine. I could’ve have literally gone to sleep and not woken up.”

JENKS on his addiction to painkillers:

“When I tried to stop (taking painkillers) at the time, I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on them. I started taking them a little bit in my last year here with the Sox, then when I got to Boston, everything just kind of went downhill from there. So I started taking them more to try and play more. Then, after my first surgery, is when I started taking them more heavily. Going into my second surgery, I just kind of, I didn’t put any thought into what I was doing was…I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time, we’ll leave it at that.

“I had been doing it for a while. I thought I was in control of it. They (painkillers) will...they will fool you like no other. They will make you think that you’re in control of everything. When you try to put them away, that’s when you realize that you have no control at all and that’s where the realization came in, that I woke up and felt that I need them then. I didn’t want them. I needed them.”

JENKS on being on the mound when the White Sox won the 2005 World Series title:

“It’s like a silence that comes over you...everything goes numb. You’re in this moment where you know what just happened, but you don’t want to believe it just happened that it’s over, but you know it’s real at the same time. You can hear in the back this fading...everybody....the excitement, but there’s a silence over you. It’s almost like a buildup and everyone starts collecting on the mound and it’s just a giant’s an incredible feeling.”

JENKS on the celebratory downtown Chicago parade two days after the winning the World Series:

“The parade is probably the second best thing that I’ve ever experienced here in Chicago. To describe a World Series is one thing, but to describe the emotions that everybody’s having, you just can’t. You can only describe it by showing it and all you have to do is hit play and that’s exactly what you see that day on the video. I got the fortunate opportunity to live it and was something that I’ll never forget until the day that I die.”