Bracket Central: IHSA playoff pairings revealed


Bracket Central: IHSA playoff pairings revealed

CSN and the IHSA partnered up on Saturday night for the official IHSA Playoff Pairing Show to unveil the brackets for Class 1A-8A. See the full first-round matchups and video analysis on each Class below.

Class 1A - First Round

Game 1 16 Biggsville (West Central) (5-4) at 1 Stockton (9-0), TBA
Game 2 9 Galena (H.S.) (6-3) at 8 East Dubuque (6-3), TBA
Game 3 13 Chicago (Hales Franciscan) (6-3) at 4 Freeport (Aquin) (8-1), TBA
Game 4 12 Abingdon (6-3) at 5 Lena (L.-Winslow) (7-2), TBA
Game 5 15 Chicago (Luther North) (5-4) at 2 Ottawa (Marquette) (9-0), TBA
Game 6 10 Hebron (Alden-H.) Coop (6-3) at 7 Forreston (7-2), TBA
Game 7 14 Warren (5-4) at 3 Mooseheart (8-1), TBA
Game 8 11 Monmouth (United) (6-3) at 6 Toulon (Stark County) (7-2), TBA
Game 9 16 Mt. Sterling (Brown County) (5-4) at 1 LeRoy (9-0), TBA
Game 10 9 Flanagan F.C.-Wood. Coop (7-2) at 8 Colfax (Ridgeview) (7-2), TBA
Game 11 13 Mt. Olive (6-3) at 4 Concord (Triopia) Coop (8-1), TBA
Game 12 12 Milford Coop (6-3) at 5 Moweaqua (Central A & M) (8-1), TBA
Game 13 15 Dupo (6-3) at 2 Maroa (M.-Forsyth) (8-1), TBA
Game 14 10 Winchester West Central Coop (6-3) at 7 Villa Grove (8-1), TBA
Game 15 14 Toledo (Cumberland) (6-3) at 3 Carrollton (8-1), TBA
Game 16 11 Oblong (6-3) at 6 Sidell (Jamaica) Salt Fork Coop (8-1), TBA

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Class 1A Video Analysis:

Class 2A - First Round

Game 1 8 Orion (5-4) at 1 Lanark (Eastland) E.-Pearl City Coop (9-0), TBA
Game 2 5 Winnetka (N. Shore C.D.) (7-2) at 4 Amboy A.-LaMoille Coop (7-2), TBA
Game 3 7 Morrison (6-3) at 2 Aledo (Mercer County) (9-0), TBA
Game 4 6 Taylor Ridge (Rockridge) (7-2) at 3 Rockford (Lutheran) (8-1), TBA
Game 5 8 Momence (6-3) at 1 Clifton (Central) (8-1), TBA
Game 6 5 Carthage (Illini West) (7-2) at 4 Tremont (8-1), TBA
Game 7 7 Havana (6-3) at 2 Downs (Tri-Valley) (8-1), TBA
Game 8 6 Watseka (6-3) at 3 Kewanee (Wethersfield) Annawan-W. (8-1), TBA
Game 9 16 Georgetown (Ridge F.) Chris. (6-3) at 1 Bismarck (Henning) (9-0), TBA
Game 10 9 Johnston City (7-2) at 8 DuQuoin (H.S.) (7-2), TBA
Game 11 13 Argenta (A.-Oreana) (6-3) at 4 Camp Point (C.) C.-SE Coop (9-0), TBA
Game 12 12 Lawrenceville (7-2) at 5 Cerro Gordo C.G.-Bement Coop (9-0), TBA
Game 13 15 Belleville (Althoff Catholic) (6-3) at 2 Chester (9-0), TBA
Game 14 10 Athens Coop (7-2) at 7 Beardstown (8-1), TBA
Game 15 14 Carmi (C.-White County) (6-3) at 3 Casey (C.-Westfield) (9-0), TBA
Game 16 11 Arthur (A.-Lovington) Coop (7-2) at 6 Carlinville (8-1), TBA

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Class 2A Video Analysis:

Class 3A - First Round

Game 1 16 Champaign (St. Thomas M.) (5-4) at 1 Elmwood E.-Brimfield (9-0), TBA
Game 2 9 Winnebago (7-2) at 8 Farmington (7-2), TBA
Game 3 13 Chicago (Raby) (6-2) at 4 Aurora (A. Christian) (8-1), TBA
Game 4 12 Elmhurst (Imm. Concep.) (6-3) at 5 Poplar Grove (N. Boone) (8-1), TBA
Game 5 15 Erie E.-Prophetstown (5-4) at 2 Sterling (Newman C. Cath.) (9-0), TBA
Game 6 10 Peru (St. Bede) (7-2) at 7 Monmouth (M.-Roseville) (7-2), TBA
Game 7 14 Aurora (Central Catholic) (6-3) at 3 St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden) (8-1), TBA
Game 8 11 Wilmington (7-2) at 6 Byron (7-2), TBA
Game 9 8 Virden (North Mac) (5-4) at 1 Williamsville (9-0), TBA
Game 10 5 Monticello (7-2) at 4 Nokomis Coop (8-1), TBA
Game 11 7 Pana (H.S.) (5-4) at 2 Tolono (Unity) (8-1), TBA
Game 12 6 Auburn (6-3) at 3 Pleasant Plains (8-1), TBA
Game 13 8 Anna (A.-Jonesboro) (6-3) at 1 Greenville (8-1), TBA
Game 14 5 Sesser (S.-Valier) Coop (6-3) at 4 Vienna V.-Goreville Coop (6-3), TBA
Game 15 7 Robinson (6-3) at 2 Benton (8-1), TBA
Game 16 6 Carterville (6-3) at 3 Vandalia (7-2), TBA

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Class 3A Video Analysis:

Class 4A - First Round

Game 1 8 Chicago (Marshall) (6-2) at 1 Chicago (VOISE Academy) Austin (8-0), TBA
Game 2 5 Chicago (Brooks) (6-2) at 4 Chicago (Payton) (7-1), TBA
Game 3 7 Evergreen Park (6-3) at 2 North Chicago (7-2), TBA
Game 4 6 Richmond (R.-Burton) (6-3) at 3 Chicago (Harper) (7-1), TBA
Game 5 8 Manteno (5-4) at 1 Rock Island (Alleman) (8-1), TBA
Game 6 5 Plano (6-3) at 4 Stillman Valley (6-3), TBA
Game 7 7 Peotone (5-4) at 2 Coal City (8-1), TBA
Game 8 6 Geneseo (5-4) at 3 Sandwich (6-3), TBA
Game 9 8 Quincy (Notre Dame) (5-4) at 1 Macomb (8-1), TBA
Game 10 5 Peoria (Notre Dame) (6-3) at 4 Fairbury (Prairie Central) (7-2), TBA
Game 11 7 Mahomet (M.-Seymour) (6-3) at 2 Rochester (8-1), TBA
Game 12 6 Bloomington (Central Catholic) (6-3) at 3 Charleston (8-1), TBA
Game 13 8 Herrin (H.S.) (5-4) at 1 Harrisburg (8-1), TBA
Game 14 5 Mt. Carmel (6-3) at 4 Columbia (8-1), TBA
Game 15 7 Waterloo (H.S.) (5-4) at 2 Alton (Marquette) (8-1), TBA
Game 16 6 Breese (Mater Dei) (6-3) at 3 Olney (East Richland) (8-1), TBA

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Class 4A Video Analysis

Class 5A - First Round

Game 1 16 Belvidere (H.S.) (5-4) at 1 Maple Park (Kaneland) (9-0), TBA
Game 2 9 New Lenox (Lincoln-Way West) (6-3) at 8 Rochelle (6-3), TBA
Game 3 13 Tinley Park (H.S.) (5-4) at 4 Chicago (Westinghouse Prep) (7-2), TBA
Game 4 12 Joliet (Catholic Academy) (5-4) at 5 Elmwood Park (7-2), TBA
Game 5 15 Wauconda (5-4) at 2 Woodstock (Marian) (9-0), TBA
Game 6 10 Sterling (H.S.) (6-3) at 7 Woodstock (North) (6-3), TBA
Game 7 14 Midlothian (Bremen) (5-4) at 3 Lombard (Montini) (7-2), TBA
Game 8 11 Chicago (King) (6-2) at 6 Sycamore (H.S.) (6-3), TBA
Game 9 8 Galesburg (H.S.) (5-4) at 1 Normal (University) (9-0), TBA
Game 10 5 Washington (7-2) at 4 Metamora (7-2), TBA
Game 11 7 Park Forest (Rich East) (6-3) at 2 Morris (8-1), TBA
Game 12 6 East Peoria (7-2) at 3 Urbana (H.S.) (8-1), TBA
Game 13 8 Mattoon (5-4) at 1 Jerseyville (Jersey) (9-0), TBA
Game 14 5 Marion (H.S.) (7-2) at 4 Chatham (Glenwood) (7-2), TBA
Game 15 7 Jacksonville (H.S.) (5-4) at 2 Centralia (H.S.) (9-0), TBA
Game 16 6 Highland (5-4) at 3 Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin) (8-1), TBA

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Class 5A Video Analysis:

Class 6A - First Round

Game 1 16 Rockford (Auburn) (5-4) at 1 Cary (C.-Grove) (9-0), TBA
Game 2 9 Glen Ellyn (Glenbard South) (6-3) at 8 Chicago (St. Patrick) (6-3), TBA
Game 3 13 Chicago (Hyde Park) (6-2) at 4 Crystal Lake (Central) (7-2), TBA
Game 4 12 Chicago (Lake View) (6-2) at 5 Fox Lake (Grant) (7-2), TBA
Game 5 15 Arlington Heights (St. Viator) (5-4) at 2 Lake Villa (Lakes) (8-1), TBA
Game 6 10 Lake Forest (H.S.) (6-3) at 7 Rolling Meadows (7-2), TBA
Game 7 14 Niles (Notre Dame) (5-4) at 3 Grayslake (North) (8-1), TBA
Game 8 11 Chicago (Steinmetz) (6-2) at 6 Chicago (Foreman) (7-1), TBA
Game 9 8 Darien (Hinsdale South) (6-3) at 1 Oak Forest (8-1), TBA
Game 10 5 Palos Heights (Shepard) (6-3) at 4 Chicago (Perspectives) (7-2), TBA
Game 11 7 Frankfort (Lincoln-Way North) (6-3) at 2 Oak Lawn (Richards) (8-1), TBA
Game 12 6 Chicago (Morgan Park) (6-3) at 3 Lemont (H.S.) (8-1), TBA
Game 13 8 Springfield (H.S.) (5-4) at 1 Crete (C.-Monee) (9-0), TBA
Game 14 5 Bloomington (H.S.) (7-2) at 4 Peoria (Richwoods) (7-2), TBA
Game 15 7 Normal (Community) (6-3) at 2 Ottawa (Twp.) (9-0), TBA
Game 16 6 Normal (Community West) (6-3) at 3 Rock Island (H.S.) (7-2), TBA

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Class 6A Video Analysis:

Class 7A - First Round

Game 1 16 Elk Grove Village (E.G.) (5-4) at 1 Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) (9-0), TBA
Game 2 9 Libertyville (7-2) at 8 Machesney Park (Harlem) (7-2), TBA
Game 3 13 Mt. Prospect (Prospect) (6-3) at 4 Northbrook (Glenbrook N.) (8-1), TBA
Game 4 12 St. Charles (East) (6-3) at 5 Wheaton (North) (8-1), TBA
Game 5 15 Algonquin (Jacobs) (5-4) at 2 Rockford (Boylan Catholic) (9-0), TBA
Game 6 10 Huntley (6-3) at 7 Oak Park (Fenwick) (7-2), TBA
Game 7 14 Villa Park (Willowbrook) (6-3) at 3 Rockton (Hononegah) (8-1), TBA
Game 8 11 Crystal Lake (South) (6-3) at 6 Lake Zurich (7-2), TBA
Game 9 8 Downers Grove (North) (5-4) at 1 Batavia (9-0), TBA
Game 10 5 Harvey (Thornton) (7-2) at 4 Lansing (Thornton Fractional S.) (7-2), TBA
Game 11 7 Tinley Park (Andrew) (6-3) at 2 Lisle (Benet Academy) (8-1), TBA
Game 12 6 Plainfield (North) (7-2) at 3 Oswego (H.S.) (8-1), TBA
Game 13 8 Plainfield (Central) (6-3) at 1 Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East) (9-0), TBA
Game 14 5 Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais) (6-3) at 4 New Lenox (Prov. Cath.) (7-2), TBA
Game 15 7 Pekin (6-3) at 2 Edwardsville (H.S.) (8-1), TBA
Game 16 6 Belleville (West) (6-3) at 3 East St. Louis (Sr.) (7-2), TBA

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Class 7A Video Analysis:

Class 8A - First Round

Game 1 16 Chicago (Lane) (5-3) at 1 Park Ridge (Maine South) (9-0), TBA
Game 2 9 Winnetka (New Trier) (6-3) at 8 Hoffman Estates (Conant) (6-3), TBA
Game 3 13 Palatine (Fremd) (5-4) at 4 Carol Stream (Glenbard North) (8-1), TBA
Game 4 12 Gurnee (Warren) (5-4) at 5 Lincolnshire (Stevenson) (7-2), TBA
Game 5 15 Evanston (Twp.) (5-4) at 2 Wilmette (Loyola Academy) (8-1), TBA
Game 6 10 Bartlett (6-3) at 7 Franklin Park-Northlake (Leyden) (7-2), TBA
Game 7 14 Skokie (Niles West) (5-4) at 3 Palatine (H.S.) (8-1), TBA
Game 8 11 Glenview (Glenbrook South) (5-4) at 6 Schaumburg (H.S.) (7-2), TBA
Game 9 16 Naperville (North) (5-4) at 1 Naperville (Neuqua Valley) (9-0), TBA
Game 10 9 Bolingbrook (7-2) at 8 Orland Park (Sandburg) (7-2), TBA
Game 11 13 Hillside (Proviso West) (6-3) at 4 Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) (8-1), TBA
Game 12 12 Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest) (6-3) at 5 Hinsdale (Central) (7-2), TBA
Game 13 15 LaGrange (Lyons) (5-4) at 2 Chicago (Marist) (8-1), TBA
Game 14 10 O'Fallon (H.S.) (7-2) at 7 Flossmoor (Homewood-F.) (7-2), TBA
Game 15 14 Chicago (Brother Rice) (5-4) at 3 Chicago (Mt. Carmel) (8-1), TBA
Game 16 11 Chicago Heights (Bloom Twp.) (6-3) at 6 Chicago (Simeon) (7-1), TBA

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Class 8A Video Analysis:

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Todd Frazier's late single lifts White Sox over Mariners

Todd Frazier's late single lifts White Sox over Mariners

The White Sox offense showed a bunch of late life on Thursday night.

Todd Frazier had two hits with runners in scoring position, including the game-winner, as the White Sox topped the Seattle Mariners 7-6 at U.S. Cellular Field. Frazier’s one-out single in the ninth inning off Nick Vincent scored Adam Eaton as the White Sox won for the fourth time in five games. Frazier’s game-winning hit was his first since June 2015 and the fifth of his career. It and a game-tying, two-out, two-run single in the seventh helped Frazier shake off a game in which he struck out three times in his first three at-bats.

“You learn something,” Frazier said. “You take the last at-bat and throw it away and just keep on going. Unfortunately, it took me three times to do that. To come up clutch today felt pretty good.”

Frazier leads the club in home runs and RBIs.

Similar to his teammates, however, Frazier has lefty plenty of chances for more damage on the table. He entered Thursday hitting .159 with runners in scoring position for a team that ranks 18th with runners in scoring position (.255).

While Frazier struck out with runners on the corners in the first inning, he succeeded in his next two tries. He picked up Jose Abreu in the seventh after the slugger struck out against Steve Cishek. Frazier sat on a slider and ripped a 2-0 pitch into left field to drive in Eaton and Tim Anderson, whose one-out RBI double made it a 6-4 game.

Then in the ninth, Frazier came through again. Eaton’s bloop single to center got things going before Anderson bunted him over. Vincent walked Abreu to get to Frazier, who singled to left again.

Frazier was previously 17-for-17 with five doubles, four homers and 42 RBIs with runners in scoring position.

“These are the best ones,” manager Robin Ventura said. “You can't rely just on the homer. There's more to his game than that. You have to be able to knock in runs when you're not hitting them over the fence. He can use the other side of the field. I think he can level it out somewhat and get some hits. Just put it in play more because you don't know know what's going to happen.”

[MORE: Rick Hahn denies rift in White Sox front office, holds off on plans for 2017]

David Robertson found that out in the top of the ninth inning when his outing was delayed for several minutes by a trio of fans who ran onto the field. Robertson worked around the delay and a one-out walk to keep the score tied at 6.

Down 2-0, the White Sox scored three times in the first inning to briefly take the lead.

Abreu and Avisail Garcia both singled in runs and Dioner Navarro had a bases-loaded sacrifice fly.

White Sox starter Anthony Ranaudo pitched well after a slow start and then ran into bad luck in the sixth inning. What looked to be a surefire double play ball kicked off Ranaudo’s glove and combined with an Anderson throwing error led to a three-run inning that put Seattle ahead 6-3.

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Ranaudo allowed six earned runs in 5.1 innings.

The White Sox were 6-for-11 with runners in scoring position.

“That’s just part of it,” Robertson said. “I guess that happens some times.

“Everybody played hard. They didn’t give up at all tonight. We pitched well enough to win and had timely hitting. A few things went our way, a couple errors that really ended up giving us a few runs. A few things went our way and it was great to pick up a win.”

Jay Cutler, Dowell Loggains face deepest test yet in Bears' third preseason game

Jay Cutler, Dowell Loggains face deepest test yet in Bears' third preseason game

Third preseason games come with added significance simply because it is the one practice game in which the starters play the closest to a full game prior to the start of the regular season. But for the Bears, Saturday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs is potentially far more important for another reason.

The Kansas City game looms as something of a new tipping point in the one relationship that must function above all others for immediate success of the franchise:

The working relationship/bond between offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains and quarterback Jay Cutler.

The two-plus quarters that Cutler is expected to play will be the longest yet trial by fire for his trust in Loggains. The latter has been a coordinator previously in his career, but with less time and success in the position that most of Cutler’s previous list of coordinators.

And few of those relationships survived, let alone flourished once Cutler lost faith or belief in their messages, whether under an avalanche of sacks, poor play selection or design, or whatever.

Cutler put up the best season of his eight-year career in 2015 with Loggains as his position coach. Adam Gase was the coordinator, Gase came in with credibility from having worked with Peyton Manning in Denver. The credibility traced to not necessarily what Gase might have taught Manning, but rather because of what Gase undoubtedly LEARNED from Manning.

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Saturday’s test will be far short of the ones the regular season holds, when Loggains’ offense has been scouted and schemed for. But after a stretch of “quizzes” for Cutler-Loggains, this is a “test.”

Buy-in with Loggains?

Loggains has traction with Cutler – for now. Cutler was consistent in his compliments of Loggains last year, but it was Gase ultimately in his ear on game days. Indeed, the entire offense believed in Gase: “When I’m in the huddle…and we get a play call,” offensive lineman Kyle Long said at the time, “there’s never a time where we look at each other and think, ‘Oh [darn].’”

The NFL reality is that Loggains, who has stressed an even stronger commitment to running the football (Long and associates love that), has to earn, or re-earn that gut-level trust.

Most of all, from Cutler.

The lurching start to the preseason – the Bears’ 22-0 home loss to Denver, in which the offense with Cutler netted 13 yards in 10 plays, two of them ending in sacks of Cutler – was test No. 1. The Cutler-Loggains relationship appeared to emerge intact.

“We talked,” Cutler said. “We talked a lot about that game. I think the major point for us was, ‘Let’s not panic. Let’s not hit the fire alarm and put guys in a panic.’

“Because it was the first preseason game and we watched the film and a lot of the stuff that went wrong was because of mistakes… . So it was a matter of just kind of cleaning that stuff up and just going back to work. Which I thought we did a really good job of offensively [at New England]. Hopefully we can do that this week, too.”

Tough warm-ups

NFL schedule-makers did Loggains and the Bears no favors. Their first three preseason opponents – Denver, New England, Kansas City – were all top-10 run defenses. Meaning: The Bears are working to establish Loggains’ run-based offense right into the teeth of three of the NFL’s best at stopping that.

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The Bears want to run. But just consider: What if they can’t run against a monster Chiefs front that includes Jaye Howard and Dontari Poe and which held the Bears to 3.3 yards per carry, tied for their second-lowest of 2015, in their meeting last season?

Which then tasks Loggains with getting the offense to the right solutions, and those traditionally have not been – and should not be – solely found in Cutler’s right arm. The Bears streamlined and simplified Cutler’s decision-making last year, by design, and it was the right strategy, minimizing a Cutler weakness.

But now Loggains is front-and-center in those decisions. And Cutler has never appeared to suffer from an excess of patience through his career, even the new, more mature Cutler.

And not only WHAT Loggains tells Cutler, but also HOW he tells him, will matter. Gase was generally quiet; that worked. Loggains is very expressive, which Cutler said he now appreciates.

“He sets the tone every day,” Cutler said. “There’s never a gray area. He sets the tone, sets the standard, and if you don’t live up to that, meet those expectations, he’s going to be vocal, he’s going to let you know.

“As a player, that’s all you can ask for: A coach telling you how to do it, and when you don’t do it, you expect him to push you and help you achieve those goals.”

Preseason game No. 3 will be the biggest test yet for the synchronicity that is there now but needs to stand up to inevitable failures.

Illinois lands Huntley DE Olalere Oladipo

Illinois lands Huntley DE Olalere Oladipo

Illinois added another important in-state piece as Huntley three-star ranked defensive end Olalere Oladipo (6-foot-4, 235 pounds) announced his college decision Thursday night to the Fighting Illini.

"Illinois has a great staff, is close to home," according to Oladipo. "Illinois felt like a nice fit for me."

Oladipo is also the second verbal commitment Illinois added Thursday as the Fighting Illini added a commitment from Miami (Fla.) Central four-star ranked wide receiver Carmoni Green (6-foot-1, 178 pounds).

Oladipo is now the sixth in-state verbal commitment for the Fighting Illini Class of 2017. Oladipo joins St. Rita OLB Marc Mondesir, Auburn OT Verderian Lowe, Marian Catholic QB Cameron Thomas, Chicago Brother Rice WR Ricky Smalling and Bolingbrook ATH Kendall Smith.

Illinois now has 11 known verbal commitments total in the Class of 2017.