Carroll sings praises of Bears' running game


Carroll sings praises of Bears' running game

Every Bears fan has heard head coach Lovie Smiths calling card statement, "We want to get off the bus running." Former offensive coordinator Mike Martz was criticized for not running the ball enough -- if he even shared his bosses desire to run the ball at all.

This article will continue an interview with Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll on SiriusXM NFL Radio with my co-host Pat Kirwin, focusing on how the Bears are different in 2012 under new offensive coordinator Mike Tice. Previous articles were written from Bears opposing head coaches such as Jim Schwartz, Mike Mularkey, Ron Rivera -- and now Carroll -- to gain perspective.

Kirwin started the interview by asking Carroll his overall thoughts on the Bears' running game. Carroll responded saying, "This is a team committed to running the football. Theyve pounded it."

Carroll did not want to speculate on Matt Fortes ankle injury but felt Seattle has intimate knowledge of Michael Bush from former Raiders head coach Tom Cable, who is currently the offensive line coach in Seattle.

"I dont know if Fortes out. We are expecting one or both of those guys," Carroll said. "Bush is a hammer! He is a big dude and we know him real well. Tom Cable informed us all about his way and he's such a good football player."

Much like the previous head coaches interviewed, Carroll emphasized the Bears' commitment to sticking with the run.

"Because they are so committed to it, it is just something you have to deal with -- otherwise, they are just going to keep pounding away," he said.

Carroll also discussed how running the football enables the Bears' second deadly combination of Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall when he said, "You know you have Marshall and Cutler out there firing away. It's an amazing stat to see how many targets they have together. I think its 124 targets at Marshall and the next guy, Earl Bennett, has got like 40."

But Carroll immediately brought the conversation back to the Bears running game saying, "It's a tremendous commitment they have to the run game, then its that combination Cutler-Marshall. That is what we are going to have to deal with to have a chance. If they have them both Forte ankle, it's going to be twice as hard."

Kris Bryant earns prestigious Hank Aaron Award as NL's top hitter

Kris Bryant earns prestigious Hank Aaron Award as NL's top hitter

CLEVELAND - The World Series isn't over yet, but the awards are already rolling in for the Cubs.

Kris Bryant was named the Hank Aaron Award winner Wednesday evening, an accolade for the best hitter in each league. Aaron was on hand at the World Series in Cleveland to hand the award to Bryant.

Bryant led the National League with 121 runs scored while also slugging 39 homers and driving in 102 runs. He hit .292 with a .385 on-base percentage and .554 slugging percentage (for a .939 OPS).

“Well, it’s ‘Hammerin’ KB,’” manager Joe Maddon said. “Just be a young player in KB’s shoes, and to win that award and then have that particular man present it to you, it’s impressive. It’s very impressive at a young age to be considered and then win it. There’s a lot of great competition out there."

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After winning Rookie of the Year honors last season, Bryant may also be in line for the NL MVP this year as the anchor of a 103-win Cubs team.

“An award like this for KB could absolutely galvanize his thoughts about himself as a Major League Baseball player," Maddon said. "It’s a great achievement for him. I’m very happy for him. And I know he will humbly accept it in the right way.”

Josh Donaldson was the American League winner last season while Bryce Harper took home the NL honors.

Bryant is the second Cubs player to win the award after Sammy Sosa in 1999 (the first ever Hank Aaron Award). That season, Sosa hit 63 homers with 141 RBI, 114 rusn and a 1.002 OPS.

MLB official: World Series Game 2 to 'start on time' despite potential rain

MLB official: World Series Game 2 to 'start on time' despite potential rain

CLEVELAND -- Game 2 of the World Series is on -- for now.

With rain forecast for late Wednesday night, Major League Baseball officials said they have a contingency plan in place to suspend the contest in case it is disrupted by weather. MLB has only suspended one other World Series contest, Game 5 of the 2008 edition between the Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies.

MLB already made an early decision Tuesday to move up Wednesday’s start time by an hour to 6:08 p.m. CST in order to improve chances of avoiding the weather. The current forecast calls for steady rain to start falling at 9 p.m. CST.

“The plan right now is to start on time,” said MLB’s Peter Woodfork. “Right now we hope it’s light, nothing heavy.

“As long as the field holds up, the integrity of the field, we’ll continue to play. If something happens and we can’t go, we’ll pull the tarp and see where we’re at. Most likely if it’s that heavy, we’re going to have to suspend the game and finish tomorrow.”

Woodfork said MLB wouldn’t announce a potential re-start for Game 2 until later Wednesday night, if necessary.

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Cubs manager Joe Maddon and utility man Ben Zobrist were part of the 2008 Tampa Bay squad that waited two days for Game 5 to resume. Maddon said the Rays had already checked out of their hotel in preparation for the return trip to Tampa Bay for Game 6 and didn’t find a new hotel until after 1 a.m.

“You just have to play the game,” Maddon said. “There’s not a whole lot you can do about it. It’s one of those uncontrollable components. The game in Philadelphia was pretty severe. I don’t think it’s going to be Philadelphia-like weather conditions tonight. That game was very awkward to play. The rain was horizontal. It was freezing. There was actually standing water on the field.”

Woodfork said the current plan calls for Game 3 to begin on time in Chicago on Friday regardless if Thursday’s travel day is wiped out by a resumed game.

“When you’re playing the World Series, the weather is secondary,” Zobrist said.