Daryl Boston: Marcus Semien can handle transition to outfield

Daryl Boston: Marcus Semien can handle transition to outfield
June 24, 2014, 7:45 pm
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BALTIMORE -- White Sox outfield guru Daryl Boston thinks Marcus Semien has it in him to become a viable option in the outfield.

The first base coach/outfield instructor said he liked how Semien, who has played four errorless games in the outfield for Triple-A Charlotte, roamed around during batting practice. When they sent him back to the minors earlier this month, the White Sox suggested Semien work on playing in the outfield in order to increase his value on the roster.

“He’s just got baseball instincts,” Boston said. “You watch him running around in the outfield during batting practice, see how he shags balls, his routes and angles -- you can see that it’d be an easy adjustment for him.”

Boston said he gave Semien simple advice for his first attempt at playing outfield: catch what you’re supposed to and hit the cutoff man. He also recommended Semien -- who can play second base, shortstop and third -- ask the Charlotte coaching staff to play once a week in the outfield.

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So far so good, assistant general manager Buddy Bell said about Semien’s outfield play. Through four games, Semien has no errors in 10 chances.

“I think if you bring him up now, I think we could put him out there,” Bell said. “I don’t think you want to put him out there every day by any means. But I think he’s capable of making all the plays. I think he’s capable of keeping the ball in front of him.”

Boston likes what he has heard back in minor-league reports on Semien’s progress. He also appreciates how Semien has openly embraced the idea, starting to shag fly balls during batting practice before he was sent to the minors.

“Give him credit, he started to come out a little bit for early work,” Boston said. “He’s willing to do whatever he needs to do to help the team. He would definitely add a lot of value when he gets comfortable out there.”