Deep thoughts with Luke Stuckmeyer

Deep thoughts with Luke Stuckmeyer
April 28, 2013, 11:30 am
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The United Center was rocking on Saturday, but now it's back to the best smelling arena in the NBA. It's not that new car smell. Instead, I'm told by workers at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn, that Jay-Z has a deal with a cologne company. Allegedly, they pump the cologne through the air vents in the building. Seriously! Never let 'em see you sweat? The Nets might stink occasionally, but their swanky arena smells like "Sex Panther" by Odeon.

Nate Robinson rushed back to the Bulls' locker room after his altercation with C.J. Watson in Game 4. What was he doing? Changing his Air Jordans. Nate went on to score 29 of his 34 points after the 3rd quarter. He delivered the biggest scoring game by a reserve in the NBA playoffs since Juan Dixon poured in 35 points for the Wizards in 2005. It's gotta be the shoes.

By the way, Stacey King actually picked Nate Robinson before tip-off as his Game 4 "difference maker" on Comcast Sportsnet. Did he "get the memo" or is the King clairvoyant?

With all the injuries this season, who could have predicted that Kirk Hinrich would play 59 minutes and 39 seconds in a single game? I'd love to see Vegas come up with that betting line on that over/under. Kirk didn't just play nearly an hour of playoff basketball, he also turned in 18 points and 14 assists.

Finally, I head back to Brooklyn one step closer to seeing the Late Show with David Letterman, in person. Nets sideline reporter Sarah Kustok and I made a friendly arrangement before the series. If the Bulls win, she has to get me tickets to Letterman in New York. If the Nets win, I have to talk the Blackhawks into letting her try "shoot the puck" as contestant.  

I just hope the Ed Sullivan Theater smells like Barclay's Center. Real bits of panther, so you know it's good.