Like his teammates, Crawford working out to pass the time

Like his teammates, Crawford working out to pass the time
October 22, 2012, 10:19 pm
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Corey Crawford has the same thought as so many players right now: if only all these skates and practices were part of their usual October routine.
Obviously Id rather be skating for the start of the season, said Crawford, as he took part in two of the players practices last week. But its still good to see the guys and get back into a routine here.
Crawford returned to Chicago last week to partake in the practices that include Blackhawks past and present, as well as a few Chicago-area NHL players. For Crawford, its just about keeping sharp and being ready for whenever the season does begin.
It was kind of a scramble at first to see what youll do or what your schedule will be, Crawford said. You just do what you can to stay in shape, but obviously we want to be playing hockey.
Crawford spent his summer in his native Montreal, going through his usual workout routine.
Youre just trying to get stronger, faster and ore flexible in the gym, Crawford said. Its pretty much the same thing every summer: you try different exercises or weekly workouts with the trainer, but youre still trying to get the same results.
Crawford didnt get quite the desired results last season. Yes, he posted his second consecutive 30-victory season. But when he struggled, it was rough. He got pulled several times, and gave up some soft goals against the Phoenix Coyotes in the first round.
But Crawford said hes ready whenever this season starts.
I feel good right now, he said. There are always those small adjustments to games. It really depends on how quick you can adjust to how fast the games are. I played in a couple of charity games in Montreal. Its not the same as a regular NHL game but the speed was there.
As for possibly playing in Europe? Crawford will, like so many other Blackhawks, play wait and see.
Ive thought about that since they told us thered be a lockout. Its really hard to say, he said. When there wasnt much negotiating going on you think of it more, to stay in that game shape and have those reps and get the game speed. But its so hard to really decide what you want to do.