Inside Look: Jennie Finch

Inside Look: Jennie Finch

September 3, 2013, 8:45 am
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There is no bigger star in women's softball. Even in retirement, Jennie Finch is the cover girl for the sport. Now, throw into the mix being the mother of three children all under the age of eight!

"It's a beautiful chaos," the former Chicago Bandit said.

I caught up with the Olympic champion in Rosemont last month at her softball camp. Finch's ability to balance motherhood, celebrity and role model seems nothing short of remarkable.

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After six hours of conducting her camp for hundreds of kids, Finch sat at a table, signed an autograph and posed for a picture with every single camper. It took nearly two hours. That left just enough time to pick up her daughter Paisley for a few minutes and then rush over for an interview with CSN Chicago. Not a single complaint, sigh or "can we get this over with."

In a time where steroids and mistakes grab consistent headlines, Finch hopes to find a way to bring out the best in sports.

"I think that's so special about women in sport," Finch told Comcast SportsNet. "I think we embrace being a role model. It's a pure sport. I think if you look across the board in women's athletics, there's not millions of dollars to risk your health for and all of that. I think it's a great place to bring your kids. They know what they see is what they get. It's real."

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And how much more real can you get than this? Finch says she decided to dig in at dinner the night before posing for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue in 2005.

"I had lobster macaroni and cheese the night before. Here we are out there posing, so uncomfortable. I'm not even comfortable in a bathing suit as it is, even without the cameras," Finch chuckled.

Our "Inside Look" special touches on everything from striking out Alex Rodriguez to a childhood coach who once told her she would never be a championship pitcher.

Finch lives on a farm with her husband and three kids, but Chicago will always hold a place close to her heart after six years with the Bandits.

"No place better to play professional sports than in Chicago. Great food, great people and first and foremost, the greatest sports fans of all."