Lovie possibly including Pep Hamilton in future plans

Lovie possibly including Pep Hamilton in future plans
January 12, 2013, 5:30 pm
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Interesting reports have been surfacing today that Lovie Smith is looking to make Pep Hamilton his offensive coordinator if he lands another head coaching job in the NFL. Previously, Smith booted Hamilton from his Bears staff following the 2009 season after he served as the quarterback coach during his 2007-09 seasons.

Hamilton, who is currently serving as Stanford's offensive coordinator, is also expected to interview for the same position with the Jets.

Because of the offense that Smith Covets, hiring Hamilton would be a wise move for the former Bears head coach to make.

If Smith had made a similar decision last off season, he would probably still hold his position in Chicago. Hamilton would have brought a system that utilizes all the skill players on the field, protests the quarterback and is known for moving the chains and helping the quarterback complete a high percentage of passes. All of which were problems for the Bears' offense last season.