LT Ward honors Brockmeier, wears No. 67

LT Ward honors Brockmeier, wears No. 67
October 27, 2012, 10:12 pm
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Tragedy struck the Northwestern family last month after former offensive lineman Leon Brockmeier died of natural of natural causes. He was 34.
The team wanted to do something special during Saturday's matchup against Iowa to keep their former player's spirit alive inside the walls of Ryan Field. So senior left tackle Patrick Ward stepped up and wore No. 67 in his teammate's honor. After the Wildcats' 28-17 victory, Ward and the rest of the team met with the Brockmeier family to show their respect and support.
"We had a very special moment in the locker room after the game when Patrick Ward presented Melanie Brockmeier with the No. 67 jersey that Patrick wore and we lift this game up to the Brockmeier family. It was just one of those special moments that I don't think anyone in our football family will ever forget. I know the big fellow's looking down upon us and smiling from ear to ear."
"Pat's a very unselfish player," Colter added about his teammate. "He's my left tackle and that's a guy that I trust to block my back side every week. The things that he's doing in the field and in the classroom, he's an outstanding guy. We just wanted to have an impact on Leon's family and I hope they can carry that with them and that it was special for them because it was really special for us."