NHLPA isn't happy with NHL's communication skills

NHLPA isn't happy with NHL's communication skills
October 23, 2012, 2:42 pm
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NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told reporters on Monday night that team general managers were given a 48-hour window to speak with their players about the league's latest CBA proposal. Needless to say, NHLPA special council Steve Fehr wasn't too thrilled.

"Most owners are not allowed to attend bargaining meetings," Fehr wrote in an e-mail. "No owners are allowed to speak to the media about the bargaining. Interesting that they are secretly unleashed to talk to the players about the meetings the players can attend but the owners cannot."

The fact that the union was left in the dark on this decision contributed to the reasons why Fehr wasn't happy. Similarly to when the league decided to post their proposal online--a decision that many players called a 'PR stunt'--the NHLPA once again feels that the league is being sneaky behind their backs.

Not much has happened on the negotiating front besides a few emails sent between the league and union since the NHLPA presented three different proposals to the owners last week. All three were shot down after ten minutes.

Now we're once again in crunch time: Commissioner Gary Bettman gave a Nov. 2 cutoff date for the start of a full 82-game 2012-13 campaign. If both sides don't come to an agreement by Thursday, we will likely see a shortened season.