Pevey introduced as Triple-A manager

Pevey introduced as Triple-A manager
January 22, 2013, 1:35 am
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The Cubs introduced Marty Pevey as the team's Triple-A Iowa affiliate today.
For the past three seasons, the 51-year-old Pevey had been the Minor League catching coordinator in the Cubs' system. In 2009 he was named the Midwest League Manager of the Year after helping Class-A Peoria to an 81-57 record. He was announced as the team's manager in December, but spoke today in Iowa at his official introduction.
"It's nice to get back into managing. It's what I did originally as a coach and what I really love to do, and so I'm really, extremely excited about coming here to Des Moines and working for the Cubs organization," he said Monday.
Pevey, who previously had coached in the Blue Jays' farm system, said he is not attempting to introduce any rogue ideas into the Cubs' system, but that he wants to progress each player using the same set of ideals and coaching tactics seen at the Triple-A level.
"From top to bottom, we all do things the exact same way," he said. "We teach out of the exact same book and we teach from bunt plays to hitting the baseball, we're teaching everything the same.
"It's always evolving, that book, depending on what players you have," he said. "But that was the first thing, from spring training last year to the major leagues all the way down to the minor leagues, everybody is teaching out of the same book."
Pevey, a catcher for the Montreal Expos in 1989, said he understands his role as a developmental coach who ultimately needs to produce championship-caliber players.
"First of all you want to get guys to the next level, that being Chicago. "You want Chicago to have a championship season and you want to develop championship players at this level."