Urlacher would lie about his own concussion, and about Cutlers?


Urlacher would lie about his own concussion, and about Cutlers?

Dr. Brian Urlacher gave an update on the status of quarterback Jay Cutler on Thursday.
Sort of.
Doing good, Urlacher reported after seeing Cutler earlier. We talked about some ping-pong.Urlacher wasnt divulging more significant details except that the quarterback did not participate in what Urlacher portrays as his regular thrashing of challengers.He didnt play, Urlacher said. He was watching me dominate. Dominating whom? Whoever stepped on the other side of the table.
Whether Cutler was a) unable to play, b) not permitted to play or c) simply wasnt about to take on the self-declared locker room champion is left to conjecture. (The surprise would be c) given that Cutler was all-state in football, basketball and honorable mention in baseball. Best guess would be that he knows how to hold a paddle.)
And whether it would mean anything if the answer were a) or b) also is pure speculation, although someone not able or permitted to play ping pong isnt a strong candidate to be a starting NFL quarterback a few days from now.
Again, idle speculation.
And whether Urlacher was telling the truth about Cutlers concussive state is also open to some question anyway.
Urlacher said without hesitation that he would lie about a concussion if he got one. Assuming he would lie about his own concussion, protecting a teammates condition seems reasonable.
Yeah he would lie, Urlacher said. Theres points in every game where you take a hit, youre a little woozy. Not every game but most games, where you hit somebody and, whoa, that was a good one.But I dont know how you can lie these days with all the crap they have to see whos concussed and whos not. I dont know how they can tell in the first place.Urlacher was critical of supposedly improved helmet technology, intended to lessen the chances for concussion.I think the helmets arent very good, Urlacher said. I wear an old helmet; Lance Briggs wears an old helmet and we have some pretty good collisions, we dont get concussed.I think a lot of it has to do with the helmets. Theyre saying theyre better but they must not be because theres more concussions these days.

Rangers win riveting goaltending duel over Blackhawks in overtime

Rangers win riveting goaltending duel over Blackhawks in overtime

When Scott Darling and Antti Raanta vied for the Blackhawks’ backup goaltending job two seasons ago, there was definitely a strong competition. But it was still one built on respect.

“We had no bad blood in that situation,” Darling said on Friday. “We’ve remained friends. He’s having a great season and I’m happy for him.”

On this night, Raanta may have been just a bit happier.

Raanta stopped all 26 shots he saw against his former team, notching his first shutout of this season, and Nick Holden gave the New York Rangers a 1-0 overtime victory over the Blackhawks on Friday night. The Blackhawks are 1-2-1 in their last four games but remain atop the Western Conference with 38 points.

The Blackhawks were missing Jonathan Toews, Brent Seabrook and Corey Crawford in this one. Nevertheless, it was a tight game, one in which both goaltenders were stellar. Darling stopped 36 of 37 shots – Holden’s overtime winner was the first goaltender allowed to New York in two games against them.

Considering the players missing, the Blackhawks will take the point.

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“With or without Toews, you’re always thinking when it’s in the third period and it’s close and getting inside 10 minutes, let’s get it to overtime,” coach Joel Quenneville said. “We’ve seen a ton of overtimes in the league. You gotta get the one point. We’ve had some success trying to get the extra one. Tonight, not, but that’s got to be the mindset.”

The Blackhawks were close to taking the 1-0 lead six minutes into the third period, when Marian Hossa thought he scored his 15th goal of the season. But the Rangers challenged for offside. Upon further review, the goal was nullified.

“Well, obviously that’s a tough one,” Hossa said. “I mean, I didn’t notice it was close to offside but obviously with today’s technology, with this new rule, it’s a game of inches. It’s slowing the game down, I think. You’re getting confused, what exactly the coaches are looking for. They created this new rule and we just have to deal with it. But sometimes it’s more frustrating because the league wants to increase the scoring and right now, I think more goals are disallowed because of this.”

Hartman, who had the pass to Hossa, was also disappointed but agreed with the review’s ruling.

“You get your excitement up a little bit and you try not to get too ahead of yourself when you know they are reviewing it. You just try to see it as both ways, if they do call it a goal, if they call it back,” Hartman said. “Obviously it was the right call. It was just a tough one.”

The Blackhawks will take the point out of this one. Despite the players they were without they played a solid game. They had good, quality scoring chances. Their current backup was just slightly bested by their previous one.

“Both [goalies] were great, both [teams] had excellent looks at the net,” Quenneville said. “We missed some good opportunities on 2-on-1s and they had some good looks around Darling as well. Both guys got their teams to overtime, got a point. It’s a good point if you want to look at it like that. I didn’t mind the way we played but Darls was excellent.”

Blackhawks preparing for EPIX all-access look leading up to Winter Classic

Blackhawks preparing for EPIX all-access look leading up to Winter Classic

The 2017 Winter Classic featuring the Blackhawks and Blues is right around the corner.

Players from both sides already squared off in a game of NHL 17 to generate some hype into the game, but nothing compares to behind-the-scenes footage of the two teams leading up to it.

Beginning Dec. 16 at 9 p.m., EPIX will air a one-hour episode each week that provides an all-access look inside the lives of the Blackhawks and Blues, on and off the ice.

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The game will be on Jan. 2 at 12 p.m. on NBC, with the final episode airing Friday, Jan. 6.

Here's a two-minute preview involving the Blackhawks, who are labeled "A Good Bunch of Guys."