2006 Arizona game not Urlacher’s No. 1 highlight

2006 Arizona game not Urlacher’s No. 1 highlight
May 23, 2013, 10:15 pm
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The magnitude of the comeback, the Dennis Green “crown their ass!” rant and the spectrum of highlights have combined to create the impression that the Bears’ 2006 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football was the crowning (so to speak) moment in Brian Urlacher’s career.

Not so.

Urlacher visited with former quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Mark Malone on their “Under Center” program Thursday on NBC Sports Radio. He had a different personal peak moment, one that involved much more than just highlight plays.

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It was the Bears win over the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game at Soldier Field.

“They had that podium after the game and giving us the George Halas Trophy, and I was up there with Lovie [Smith], Mrs. McCaskey, Rex Grossman and a couple of our coaches, and the snow started to fall right as we were getting that trophy,” Urlacher recalled. “I thought that was cool.”

Urlacher said that he simply didn’t have the desire to stay football-ready anymore. “I just don’t have the desire right now to do what it takes to be in shape for a football season,” Urlacher said.

That points to Urlacher indeed being retired rather than being available if a team in need called closer to the season looking for a veteran linebacker. Urlacher simply would not be ready enough to get on a plane, fly somewhere and begin the grind of a training camp.

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But he is not planning on a life of clipping coupons and living on Home Shopping Network, either.

“I’d like to keep doing something because I need to stay busy,” Urlacher said. “My kids are old enough to where they’re kind of getting tired of me and don’t want to hang out as much anymore. But I’ll have to do something or I’ll go crazy.”

Correcting: HOF “Salute to Greatness”

Adding the corrected link for the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s second annual “Chicago Salute to Greatness” on June 3-4 at The Glen Club in Glenview. 

And no, Brian Urlacher won’t be among the 15 Hall of Famers part of the event.