Bears-Saints: And the winner is…

Bears-Saints: And the winner is…
October 6, 2013, 9:15 am
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The mistakes that cost the Bears the Detroit game are unlikely to be repeated. Jay Cutler’s decisions, at the root of myriad problems in the past, were not the problem even if some of his mechanics remained somewhat less than Peyton’ian.

The problem this week, however, lies in nothing less than the level of opponent. The New Orleans Saints are 4-0 after beating their first three opponents with the same 3-9 combined record as the Bears’ first three victims.

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The Saints, however, defeated the first team (Miami) on their schedule with a winning record while the Bears lost to theirs (Detroit). New Orleans did have the advantage of playing the Dolphins in their dome; the Bears at least suffered their loss to the Lions in Detroit’s indoor venue.

The Saints are a higher-ranked offense and defense than any of the Bears’ previous opponents. Inclement weather works in the Bears’ favor over any indoor team, none more so than the Saints.

The game will not be decided by weather, though. It will be whether a struggling Bears defense can rise to the level of stopping an elite offense. Until it proves it can, the Bears can play well on offense, even on defense and special teams, and still lose to a team like the Saints.

Saints: 30 Bears: 27

Moon's 2013 record: 4-0