Bowen: Nobody played the game like Urlacher

Bowen: Nobody played the game like Urlacher
May 22, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Scott Krinch

Comcast SportsNet contributor and former NFL safety Matt Bowen joined SportsNet Central to weigh in on Brian Urlacher's storied 13 year career.

Bowen believes Urlacher changed the middle linebacker position and there isn't anybody that played the game like No. 54.

"It's someone who really changed the position when you look at the middle linebacker position," Bowen said. "Nobody played the game like he did. Just a rare combination of size and speed, the ability to run, hit, change direction and break on the football."

Urlacher being the face of the franchise for the last decade is an understatement and Bowen discussed what it meant for opposing teams to play against him.

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"When you came to play the Bears, especially here in Chicago when you're an opposing team and I was on the Packers and the Redskins when we came here to Soldier Field, you weren't just coming to play the Bears," Bowen said. "You were coming to play Urlacher's Bears and everyone knew that. This was his football team, they built that football team around him."

Did Urlacher make the right move to hang up his cleats after 13 years? Bowen weighed in on his decision.

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"I think it's a hard decision for every athlete whether you play five years or you play 13 years in the NFL," Bowen said. "The old saying is 'father time is undefeated,' we can all see last season whether watching the game on Sundays or looking at the film throughout the week that Brian was hurting."

"He was obviously favoring that knee at times, he didn't have that same burst, that same explosion, so maybe it was time for him to hang up his cleats and try something new, but it still doesn't take away from what we saw for 13 years. Even last year there was still glimpses of how good this guy was, that unique skill set that no one else in the league had at that position."

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There's no doubt that Urlacher will be joining the likes of Mike Singletary, Dick Butkus and Walter Payton in the Pro Football Hall of Fame according to Bowen.

"This is a guy that's going to go to Canton, he's going to be in the Hall of Fame."