Cutler, Forte look to Trestman’s past for their future

Cutler, Forte look to Trestman’s past for their future
September 5, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Marc Trestman wasn’t about to say whether watching film on his Montreal Alouettes teams would benefit the Cincinnati Bengals. But it is becoming clear that looking at old “Trestman film” is helping Trestman’s current team.

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Running back Matt Forte went back and watched the video record of running back Charlie Garner in the 2002 Oakland Raiders offense. It was one that got the Raiders to a Super Bowl and got the ball to Garner 91 times passing in addition to enough for 962 rushing yards and seven touchdowns.

“I looked at Charlie Garner, not the numbers so much as the routes he ran, how he ran those routes, where he lined up on the field,” Forte said. “He was basically in every position on the field as a receiver: backside, front side, and slot. We’ve been doing that throughout camp and I’m excited about that.”

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Quarterback Jay Cutler went back and watched film of quarterback Rich Gannon, who became NFL MVP that season under Trestman.

“He slung it around,” Cutler said of Gannon, smiling. “[The Raiders] had a lot of empty sets, a lot of shifts and motions and quick games. The ball was gone. He was fun to watch. He threw it from about every [arm] angle possible. He was very very successful under Trestman and these guys.”