Cutler, Melton left off 'Top 100' players list

Cutler, Melton left off 'Top 100' players list
June 24, 2013, 2:15 pm
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What others think of you isn’t always a good measure of anything, but how your peers regard you might be.

Five Bears are among NFL Network’s Top 100 players currently being revealed in stages, with only the Top 10 to go, and that doesn’t include any additional Bears.

Brandon Marshall (27th), Charles Tillman (34th), Julius Peppers (54th), Tim Jennings (69th) and Lance Briggs (83rd) all land in the top 90.

Quarterback Jay Cutler again is off the NFL Network’s list of Top 100 players based on the balloting of fellow players and fans, which isn’t a complete surprise, given that Tim Tebow was on the list last year and Cutler wasn’t (which probably says more about the list than about Cutler).

Nine quarterbacks rank among players 11-81, with Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Tony Romo expected to join the Top 100 when the final 10 are released.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck turned up at 23rd on the list after a rookie season where he wound up in the playoffs. The Carolina Panthers had a lurching season, but voters apparently don’t blame Cam Newton, slotting him at 46th.

More surprising than Cutler’s pass-over is Henry Melton, who was voted to the Pro Bowl and whose 13 sacks over the last two seasons are second among defensive tackles only to Cincinnati’s Geno Atkins, who came in at No. 36 on the list.