Cutler: Trestman's care for players is a change

Cutler: Trestman's care for players is a change
June 12, 2013, 5:45 pm
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Lovie's guys should love this.

Cutler says Trestman’s care for players is a change.

Whether he was talking about former coach Lovie Smith or other members of the former coaching staff, quarterback Jay Cutler paid them no compliments this week. And in the process he did himself no favors on the defensive side of the ball.

Cutler told NFLNetwork reporter Stacey Dales in a Halas Hall interview on Tuesday, “First and foremost, [Trestman] really cares about the players in the locker room which is different. You do not always hear that.

“He wants to make not only better players, but better guys, better husbands and just better friends in there. So that’s different. Offensively, and even defensively, he is all over it. I think he is one of the more organized coaches I have ever been around.”

The slighting of Smith, one of the more universally liked coaches in recent franchise history, may be a reaction to Smith calling Cutler in for a closed-door lecture after the quarterback disrespected offensive coordinator Mike Tice on the sideline during a 2012 game.

Tice told the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday that he and Cutler were “fine,” although Cutler had strained relations with all of his Bears coordinators so far (Tice, Mike Martz, Ron Turner) Various sources said Cutler and Tice were anything but fine as last season went along.

Suggesting that Trestman’s desire for players to be better men/husbands/friends is different from what Smith wanted from players is contrary to many players’ public and private thoughts on Smith.

Members of the defense were deeply upset at the exits of Smith and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, two men held in the highest regard both professionally and personally. The chief reason for the firing of Smith was his inability to reach postseasons, which traced primarily to problems on Cutler’s side of the ball.

On the Monday of Smith’s ouster, Cutler said he was sorry Smith was out but also suggested that, “Change isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, it can be good.”

Some members of the defense might feel that way about a certain position on the offense. If “different” can be good at the head coach position…