If Cutler blows up, Trestman says he won’t

If Cutler blows up, Trestman says he won’t
September 5, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Quarterback Jay Cutler has developed a reputation less for being a fiery leader than for being a temperamental artiste who during games has railed against one coordinator (Mike Martz), snubbed another (Mike Tice) and on more than one occasion gotten into vocal (Olin Kreutz) and moderately physical (J’Marcus Webb) confrontations with fellow players.

(Some have facetiously inquired about where to buy tickets for the first time Cutler goes off on rookie guard Kyle Long and his MMA training, but Cutler is not stupid.)

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It remains to be seen how ostensibly even-dispositioned Marc Trestman will handle that kind of situation. But for now Trestman is maintaining that he will not come back at an irate Cutler if the quarterback vents in Trestman’s direction.

“I think his demeanor, because he is the quarterback, is critically important,” said Trestman, himself a quarterback at the college level. “I think there’s going to be moments like that, that’s just part of who he is and I’m not going to take that away from him.

“From my standpoint, I don’t think you’re going to see somebody firing back. I’m going to let him wear himself out, get it off his chest, tell him to go back and play the next play.”

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Behavior issues are unlikely to surface when situations are going well, when the Bears are winning or when the offensive plan of Trestman’s is working. Trestman acknowledged as much, that Cutler has been even-keeled to this point, but…

“We really won’t know until some adversity hits,” Trestman said.