PFT’s Bears 'Mt. Rushmore' under construction

PFT’s Bears 'Mt. Rushmore' under construction
June 10, 2013, 4:00 pm
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NBC Sports cousin Mike Florio out at needs your help.

Mike started his “Faces of the Franchise” campaign last week, putting up the four most central figures for every franchise. PFT has both Mike’s “Rushmores” and the tally of fan voting, and they’re not exactly the same, based on Mike’s calls for Dallas, Washington and the New York Giants.

The Bears’ Rushmores will be unveiled Tuesday evening on NBCSports, meaning there’s some time to help Mikey get it right (he’s been three-for-four on the Cowboys, Giants and Redskins).

I’ve already set out my four, giving Mike the answers to the test. We’ll see how well he e-listens.