PFT’s 'Rushmore' for Dallas Cowboys needs work

PFT’s 'Rushmore' for Dallas Cowboys needs work
June 6, 2013, 8:45 am
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He won’t put out his four selections for the “Bears Mt. Rushmore” until next Tuesday (there’s really no need, having already given him the answer to the test: Halas, Payton, Butkus, Ditka). But NBC cousin Mike Florio over at already has assembled some interesting Rushmores.

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey… will grade Mike’s papers for some of the more notable teams. For the Dallas Cowboys, Tom Landry is a gimme. Not just the face of the franchise, but also the hat of the franchise. Fittingly, Rushmore is a giant piece of rock and what better place for a giant face of stone?

Roger Staubach. Another gimme. The linchpin of “America’s Team.” And Emmitt Smith. All-time NFL rushing leader. The best player on the NFL team of the ‘90s. As Mike says, Smith’s record of 18,355 rushing yards is unlikely to ever be broken because the game has shifted even further away from running backs who run and run and run.

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But Tony Dorsett for the Fourth Cowboy? Mike acknowledged that he’d get challenged on that one and that would be an understatement. T.D. was on the Pitt National Championship team of 1976 but everybody knows the driver on that team was quarterback Matt Cavanaugh, who just happens to be the Bears’ offensive coordinator (just kidding).

But seriously: Fan voting for the Cowboys’ Rushmore named Troy Aikman as the Fourth Cowboy. Winning three Super Bowls counts for something, even if Mike attributes that to being surrounded by a team that had Hall of Fame’rs at guard (Larry Allen), running back (Smith), wide receiver (Michael Irvin) and defense (Deion Sanders).

A better case can be made for Bob Lilly, the centerpiece defensive tackle of the Doomsday Defense and the “Flex.” Not Tony Dorsett.

Jerry Jones? Next question.