The release of Rodriguez should come as no surprise

The release of Rodriguez should come as no surprise
June 10, 2013, 3:45 pm
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The Bears releasing Evan Rodriguez should not come as a big surprise. He entered the NFL with some question marks about his character and he didn't help his cause this off season. The DUI arrest late last month proved he didn't learn from his previous mistake in a charge that was eventually dropped in Florida involving alcohol.

Make no mistake if Rodriguez was the type of player that Brandon Marshall or Matt Forte is, then he would still be on the team, but the reality is the Bears decided his contributions on the field didn't outweigh the trouble he was causing off it.

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Today's NFL teams don't have the patience they once did for off field incidents and perhaps this will be a wake up call for Rodriguez who should have used the opportunity he had more wisely. He seems to be a nice kid, but sometimes it takes something like getting cut and having your dream taken away from you to wake up.

It wouldn't be surprising if he gets another chance, but he's tainted his image and many teams will no doubt avoid what they see as a possible risk.