To Urlacher, Bears still 'we' and they get props

To Urlacher, Bears still 'we' and they get props
August 28, 2013, 10:15 am
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He may have said that he wouldn’t be all that thrilled if the Bears won a Super Bowl the year after he retired, but former linebacker Brian Urlacher sees the Bears closer to that possibility than a number of others.

When FOX Sports unveiled its power rankings for teams in the NFC North on its “Football Daily” show Tuesday, the consensus pegged the Bears at No. 17, ahead of Detroit (19) but behind Minnesota (14).

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“I have them a little higher on my power rankings,” Urlacher said, sounding every bit like he still identifies with his longtime mates, to the point of referring to the Bears as “we.”

“They have a top-10 defense. We’ve always been good at defense; that’s not going to change. Without me they’re going to be just as good, if not better.

“Bostic; look what he’s doing in preseason. And DJ [Williams] will be back healthy soon as well.

"The thing I worry about is the other side of the football, protecting the football, protecting Jay, keeping him upright. We’ll be able to run the football. Matt Forte’s a great running back. I just worry about protecting Jay and taking care of the football.”