Bears-Browns Viewer's Guide: David Fales playing for a job

Bears-Browns Viewer's Guide: David Fales playing for a job
August 27, 2014, 7:00 pm

David Fales will start against the Cleveland Browns and play most if not all of the game. The rookie sixth-rounder has seen the field only in the fourth quarter of the Philadelphia game, completing five of seven passes, throwing an interception but getting the offense in position for a final field goal.

With the Bears’ pattern of keeping just two quarterbacks on the initial 53-man roster (they added Josh McCown in mid-2012 and Jordan Palmer in mid-2013), Fales is realistically playing for a spot on the Bears’ 10-man practice squad.

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Or for a spot on someone else’s. There is no “sneaking” a prospect onto a practice squad; the cut lists are publicized. The Bears drafted Fales but if he is cut, the choice of team after that is his. The only sure way to lure a player in demand onto your practice squad is to pay above the going rate. The Bears once paid rookie quarterback Steve Stenstrom $627,000, three times the norm, to entice him away from the Kansas City Chiefs, who’d drafted Stenstrom in 1995.

“I can't speak for that,” head coach Marc Trestman said. “I think the right thing for us to do with him is to let him play and to see what he can do and use this opportunity for him to grow as a player and not get caught up in all the things that might happen as a result of playing in three or four quarters.”