Bears' Bushrod: Cutler a talented player, better person

Bears' Bushrod: Cutler a talented player, better person
May 30, 2014, 9:00 pm
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CSN Staff

In his first season in Chicago, left tackle Jermon Bushrod helped Jay Cutler (and Josh McCown) turn the Bears into one of the top offensives in the NFL.

Yet for all the statistics Cutler amassed -- 19 touchdowns and 2,621 yards in 11 games -- Bushrod, who signed as a free agent from New Orleans last year, said Jay Cutler the person, not the player, has impressed him the most.

"He's a real talented player. He's an ever better person," Bushrod said Friday on SportsTalk Live. "You get to hang out with him off the field, you get to be with his family. He's a great guy. I love going out there and battling every Sunday with him, The sky's the limit for him. We just want him to have some success and we're going to do our part."

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The Bears had more than just "some success" this past season, finishing the year ranked 8th in total offense, fifth in passing yards per game and second in points per game, trailing only the record-setting Broncos. They made it seem easy at times, but Bushrod admitted first-year head coach Marc Trestman's offense was anything but that.

"We put in a lot of plays, actually. Our playbook is probably a good 4 or 5 inches thick. Just a lot of things for our quarterback to remember," he said. "We all play our part in this deal, but we did a really good job and that starts with our offensive coordinator and our offensive line coach (Aaron Kromer). He did a pretty good job of breaking things down."

Kromer was also with Bushrod in New Orleans. As both the position coach and offensive coordinator, Kromer oversaw an offensive line that started all 16 games together.

"We're a very strong unit and the thing about us, we're always trying to get better mentally and physically," he said. "And last year we put in quite a big offense, and for the leader pretty much  omiing bnack in Garza, the leadership role he had and we all followed. We all were trying to do whatever we had to do to get on board. We had four new starters last year and that's pretty unheard of, and to do some of the things we did was pretty cool but we're looking to build on it."

Bushrod was on the SportsTalk Live set to discuss the fashion show his wife, Jessica, and other Bears wives will be putting on to help raise money for Bushrod’s Visualize and Rize Foundation, which supports youth sports and education programs. For more information on the Hot Summer Trends fashion show, click here.