Bears fan takes Packers rivalry to shocking new level

Bears fan takes Packers rivalry to shocking new level
November 6, 2013, 9:30 am
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Tony Andracki

This takes friendly betting to another level.

Instead of betting a hot-dog lunch (a CSN digital favorite) on things like Derrick Rose's return date or the Cubs-Sox Crosstown series, one Chicago couple introduced new stakes: Tasering.

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John M. Grant, a 42-year-old Bears fan from Tinley Park, bet his wife, a Packers fan, that if his beloved Monsters of the Midway won Monday night, he would get to use a Taser on her.


Thanks in large part to Aaron Rodgers' injury on the game's opening drive, Grant won the bet and followed through on his promise after the game at Sidelines Tap in Mayville, Wis.

Grant was charged with felony possession of an electronic weapon after he reportedly used the Taser twice on his wife's buttocks outside the bar in an alley.

"Hell ya it hurt," she told the police.


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The wife backtracked on the bet, saying she didn't give consent, but cell phone footage proved otherwise.

Guess there's no limit to this Bears-Packers rivalry, huh?