Bears GM Emery has 'tremendous respect' for Michael Sam

Bears GM Emery has 'tremendous respect' for Michael Sam
February 10, 2014, 1:45 pm
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With his announcement that he is gay, Missouri defensive end Michael Sam may have created some issues for himself as far as status in the upcoming May draft. But those issues do not appear to extend to the Bears.

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“Michael stated with great poise and confidence who he is as a person and football player and I have tremendous respect for him in the way he conveyed his thoughts and the courage it took to state them publicly,” GM Phil Emery said via email on Monday.

“Each and every player in the NFL is a unique individual, as we all are in life. We all ultimately gain respect in our jobs by how well we perform at our chosen profession and if the level in which we perform adds positively to the collective goal of success.”

“Michael stated this and I agree with his thoughts.  It is about his skill set as a football player to add positively to a team’s goals and that's how he will be evaluated.”