Bears HOF’er Richard Dent: 'I could go out there right now'

Bears HOF’er Richard Dent: 'I could go out there right now'
July 13, 2014, 12:30 pm
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(Going just from fuzzy movie memory here….)

In a scene from the film “Cobb,” the Ty Cobb character played by Tommy Lee Jones is asked what Cobb thought he would bat in the current game of baseball.

Cobb, who hit .367 lifetime, highest in baseball history, thought about .290.

“Why would you only bat .290 against today’s pitchers?” Cobb was asked.

“’Cause I’m 72 years old, you ignorant [person]!” Cobb thundered.

Richard Dent isn’t 72 years old (53, actually) and The Colonel wasn’t offering what kind of sack total he would post in today’s NFL. But from what he’s seeing in a lot of the current NFL, Dent is convinced he could come back and play in the NFL right now. At age 53.

“Heck, I can go out there right now and do what some of these guys are doing, getting blocked all damn day,” Dent told, laughing. “I can do that. I might not make a play, but there’s not anybody else making a play.

“This is the disappointing part with athletes today. Too many guys are not out there trying to get better, not consulting people who’ve done it and can help you get better.”

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