Bears legend Dan Hampton wants to see Jay Cutler 'prove it'

Bears legend Dan Hampton wants to see Jay Cutler 'prove it'
February 18, 2014, 9:30 am
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Tony Andracki

This winter, the top storyline surrounding the Bears has been the need to address the defense.

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So, when defensive legend Dan Hampton picked up a CSN microphone at the Chicago Auto Show, it was assumed he would spend most of his time talking about that.

While Hampton definitely touched on how the Bears can improve the defense, the Hall of Famer's most interesting comments came on the team's quarterback situation.

Hampton ran down the Bears' list of needs in the draft, rattling off the usual suspects in defensive line and safety help. But then he threw in "quarterback" at the end.

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With Jay Cutler signing a seven-year megadeal and Bears fans hopeful beloved backup Josh McCown would return in 2014, it's a bit odd to hear Hampton declare one of the Bears' biggest needs to be quarterback.

"You saw what Seattle was able to do this year. When you are able to function as a complete football team without a $20 million quarterback," Hampton said. "We saw Peyton Manning. He was very important to his team, but was he good enough to overcome a bad game and win it all? No.

"So you cannot hold your team hostage by signing a quarterback that is going to be paid somewhere around $20 million if he does not have the ability to win games by himself. Now, Jay Cutler, at this present moment, he hasn't beaten anybody. He didn't beat Green Bay this year when we needed him to win.

"Sooner or later, everybody is going to realize that you're going to be as good as either your defense is or if your quarterback is able to win if you put him in the spot. Jay Cutler has been designated and paid like a franchise quarterback, but he's got a long way to go to prove it."

Check out more of Hampton's comments in the video above.