Bears' Martellus Bennett hates your fantasy football team

Bears' Martellus Bennett hates your fantasy football team
January 29, 2014, 3:00 pm
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Scott Krinch

Are you still kicking yourself for your fantasy football performance this past season and need some advice for 2014?

Here's some: Do not draft Martellus Bennett.

Crazy, right?

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Bennett registered the best numbers of his career in 2013, hauling in 65 passes for 759 yards and five touchdowns. His numbers made him the 10th highest-scoring tight end in standard fantasy leagues.

The colorful Bears tight end joined The Jim Rome Show on Tuesday evening and gave a little bit of fantasy football advice.

“It's called ‘Do Not Draft Me,'" Bennett said. “Which is for fantasy football people who always come to me and are like ‘Oh, I drafted you and ... blah, blah, blah.'”

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Bennett didn't hold back his displeasure for fantasy football throughout the interview.

"Fantasy football sucks and your team sucks," Bennett said.

Although he did make an exception. If you decide to name your team the 'Black Unicorns' or 'The Marty B's' then you're all good in his book. So think hard about that team nickname if you want to be on Bennett's good side next season.