Brandon Marshall: Lions treated as 'little brothers' of NFC North

Brandon Marshall: Lions treated as 'little brothers' of NFC North
November 11, 2013, 6:45 pm
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CSN Staff

By Charlie Roumeliotis

After their 21-19 loss to Detroit on Sunday, the Bears dropped to 5-4 on the season and remain one game behind the Lions for NFC North lead. But they didn't just lose the game.

They'll have to move on without Pro Bowl cornerback Charles Tillman for the rest of the regular season who suffered a torn right tricep, and starting quarterback Jay Cutler for at least another game with an ankle injury.

But Brandon Marshall reassured Waddle and Silvy that Chicago will be just fine.

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"We'll be okay," the Bears wide receiver said on ESPN 1000. "When you look at the rivalry, the bad blood [between the Bears and Lions], it definitely hurts. It should hurt. ... People can't see it right now because we're so banged up on our team, but when there's two good teams playing on Sunday in the National Football League, those are the types of games you'll see where it comes down to the last drive.

"Unfortunately, yesterday, we just didn't have enough time and they had more breaks than we did," Marshall added. "But I assure you, next time we see them in the playoffs, it's going to be different. We won't make it close next time."


"I'll guarantee we'll be in position to be in the playoffs," Marshall said.

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The Lions swept the season series against the Bears for the first time since 2007. But Marshall believes they're still the "little brothers" in the division when compared to the Green Bay Packers.

"That's exactly what it is. It's the little brother that grew a little bit. He may be a little taller than the big brother," he said. "He's not stronger, he's not better than the big brother in anything, but just that one day he says 'You know what, I'm fed up, I'm done, I'm going to punch my brother in the face.

"The big brother wants to go out and play with his friends and the little brother is annoying 'Hey can I go?' 'No, Detroit Lions, just sit back sit in your little city, fix your financial problems, all of that. You can't come with us right now.' But right now they got the best of us, they beat us twice, they swept us, but what matters is when we see them in the playoffs so it'll be a great show. It's going to be tough, but I guarantee it's not going to go down like it did the first two games."

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Marshall admitted the Bears-Packers rivalry is "something I've never experienced" before. But when it comes to bad blood, he gave the nod to the Lions and carefully worded their style of play.

"They're borderline illegal," Marshall said. "I'll say this and I'll attach my name to it: Looking at film today it was kind of disgusting to see the D-Line go out of their way to knock our quarterbacks down after every single play. The ball was gone, they're pushing them down, they're hitting them below the knees ... it seems it was game planned, but it was borderline.

"You can't say it was illegal, but it was definitely one of those things where you say 'Hey, we have to pay attention to this.'"