Collinsworth: Bears need to start going younger on defense

Collinsworth: Bears need to start going younger on defense
November 26, 2013, 5:45 pm
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CSN Staff

By Nick Wilder

It’s been no secret that the Bears have struggled lately on the defensive side of the ball.

After giving up 41 points in the team’s loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, NBC’s Cris Collinsworth offered his thoughts on the Bears defense and why it’s been a major issue this season.  

“Not much of a believer that there is some scheme that is the magical elixir that is going to fix everything, Collinsworth said. “There are not many offenses or defenses that haven’t been seen by this point in the season and careers of some of these coaches. Typically, it's when you go through the major changeover and you knew it was going to happen to this defense eventually. They really relied on a core of 4 older players on the defense.”

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Collinsworth also stated that the Bears may need to commit to new and younger defensive players, especially with critical players like Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers and Charles Tillman not getting any younger.

“There has been nothing but retirement or injuries to hit all of them with exception maybe of Julius Peppers, who has managed to stay pretty healthy,” Collinsworth said. “That is going to be the issue going forward, is that they relied so long on these core defenders that are starting to turn the corner. Do they have to make some new investments on that side of the ball?”