DeSean Jackson: Not a sensible move for Bears at WR

DeSean Jackson: Not a sensible move for Bears at WR
March 28, 2014, 12:45 pm
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For the Bears to tie up heavy cap dollars in a weapons class that includes Alshon Jeffery, Brandon Marshall, Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte, when there are greater needs for depth, is a stretch. The NFL made a number of rules changes during the owners’ meetings this week but they did not change the one-football rule, and with a player of DeSean Jackson’s magnitude introduced, he has to have the football to be worth the expenditure. The only way it makes sense is looking beyond this season for a replacement for Marshall.

The Bears don’t have a No. 2 running back and are still in the market for a challenger for Jordan Palmer as the No. 2 quarterback. They let Earl Bennett go as the No. 3 receiver, someone not the equal of Jackson as a threat but not his equal as a paycheck.

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One of the things that made Josh McCown work with the Bears was his complete and consistent understanding of his role. He was the backup; Cutler was the starter.

Jeffery and Marshall are Pro Bowl receivers. Bennett is a record-setting tight end. What is the likelihood of Jackson sounding like McCown and accepting a backup role, particularly to players whose speed is not the equal of his.

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During a recent Wednesday appearance on “The Game,” 87.7 FM Former Bears general manager Jerry Angelo scoffed at the notion that the Bears needed a speed receiver to take the tops off defenses. He pointed out to the quartet of weapons the Bears already had, basically assessing that if you can’t win with that foursome around Cutler, you have some other huge problems.

As the Bears stand now in the offseason, adding Jackson adds questionable return for the amount of money it would take.