Ditka: 'Biggest mistake I've ever made' was not running for Senate

Ditka: 'Biggest mistake I've ever made' was not running for Senate
October 9, 2013, 4:30 pm
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CSN Staff

By Paul Roumeliotis

Let's be serious for a sentence or five. Have you ever imagined who would be President if Barack Obama wasn't selected? Maybe. But have you ever wondered who would be President if Mike Ditka ran for Senate in Illinois back in 2004? Don't tell me you have, unless this is the second time you're reading this sentence.

The iconic Super Bowl-winning Bears coach was legitimately considering running after being encouraged by committee chair George Allen, son of the Hall of Fame coach, but chose not to due to his busy schedule. If Ditka had ran, Obama wouldn't be where he is right now, so he says.

"Biggest mistake I've ever made," Da Coach said in North Dakota oil fields earlier this month. "Not that I would have won, but I probably would have and [Obama] wouldn't be in the White House."

Yes, a bigger mistake than trading all of his draft picks in 1999 to select Ricky Williams when he was with the Saints. Remember the wedding photo cover on ESPN The Magazine?

Ditka delivered the speech to a crowd of about 100 people but had "no idea" why he was in the oil fields and was only there because his "secretary sets everything up."



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