Ex-Bears part of lawsuit claiming NFL used drugs illegally

Ex-Bears part of lawsuit claiming NFL used drugs illegally
May 20, 2014, 1:45 pm
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CSN Staff

Several former NFL players filed a lawsuit against the league in the U.S. district court in San Francisco on Tuesday, stating they were supplied with risky narcotics and other painkillers that led to medical complications down the road, according to a report from the Associated Press.

Ex-Bears Richard Dent, Jim McMahon and Keith Van Horne are among the list of plaintiffs that include Jeremy Newberry, Ron Stone, Roy Green and Ron Pritchard.

According to the report, the league obtained and administrated the drugs illegally, without warning the players of the side effects, in part to speed up the recovery so players would return to the field faster and maximize profits.

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"The NFL knew of the debilitating effects of these drugs on all of its players and callously ignored the players' long-term health in its obsession to return them to play," Attorney for the players, Steven Silverman said.

Here's McMahon's claim from the suit below as provided by Tim Marchman:

"While playing in the NFL, Mr. McMahon received hundreds, if not thousands, of injections from doctors and pills from trainers, including but not limited to NSAIDs such as Toradol, Percocet, Novocain injections, amphetamines, sleeping pills and muscle relaxers. No one from the NFL ever talked to him about the side effects of the medications he was being given or cocktailing. Over the course of his career and 18 surgeries, Mr. McMahon became dependent on painkillers, a slow process that overtook him without him realizing it. At one point, he was taking as many as 100 Percocets per month, even in the off-seasons. After his playing career concluded, he was no longer able to obtain painkillers for free from the NFL and was forced to purchase over-the-counter painkillers to satisfy his need for medications. Over the course of that time, he has spent an extensive amount of money on such medications."

You can read the complete details of the suit at scribd.com.