Forte: Confidence a 'major difference' this season for Bears

Forte: Confidence a 'major difference' this season for Bears
October 2, 2013, 8:00 pm
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CSN Staff

By Paul Roumeliotis

Matt Forte spoke on ESPN's "Mike & Mike in the Morning" on Wednesday morning to talk about the Bears' season so far.

Forte said a lot of things have changed for the Bears, especially the offense.

"Our confidence and play calling, there's a major difference in that," Forte said. "Our tempo on offense has been a major difference from last year, which has made the biggest difference I think.

"Jay (Cutler) has the confidence and ability to audible plays out there, so if he sees a defense that is not suitable for the play we have called, he's got the leeway to change the play."

Under new coach Marc Trestman, audibles are a big part of the Bears' game plan on offense.

"Most of the time, coach Trestman actually calls two or three plays in the huddle so that we can change the play at the line," Forte said. "Or he'll give Jay three different plays and he looks at the coverage and calls a certain play for a certain coverage out there. It happens a lot during the game and it's actually very beneficial to us as offense."

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The undefeated New Orleans Saints visit to Soldier Field on Sunday. With Sean Payton back from suspension this year and Rob Ryan as new defensive coordinator, Forte knows it won't be a cake walk.

"They have a lot of momentum coming with them," Forte said. "(Rob Ryan) has a lot of different looks, different blitz's ... different packages and nickel to try to throw our offense off. We got a lot of studying to do on how to identify blitzes, who to point and how to get there. We have a lot of work cut off on us this week."

In his first season without former teammate Brian Urlacher, Forte admits he had a lot of fun with him, but this year, it has changed a little bit.

"Urlacher was a great player first of all, but he was an even better teammate to us so having him around the locker room was awesome," Forte said. "It was a lot of fun. Lots of different games we played in there. We played baseball with the tape, dodgeball, all kinds of things. Just him not being around, we haven't done as much of the goofing around the locker room.

"But with coach Trestman coming in, we kind of don't even have that time. We transition from meetings to practice so fast that it's all business first and then after practice, everybody's too tired to play around. So, it's that way."