Lance Briggs weighs in on Bears win over Packers

Lance Briggs weighs in on Bears win over Packers
November 6, 2013, 12:15 am
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CSN Staff

Despite being sidelined for Monday night's big win in Green Bay, injured linebacker Lance Briggs had one of the best seats in Lambeau Field to watch the Bears' improbable victory.

Briggs gave his thoughts on the win Tuesday night during the Lance Briggs Show on Comcast SportsNet, and he shared his pride as a team captain for what a banged-up Bears squad was able to pull off against their division rival. Of course, he also knew it wasn't the type of game that was drawn up on paper when the schedule was released.

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"I was proud of the effort that the Chicago Bears gave," Briggs said, "not allowing anyone to decide the outcome of the game except for ourselves.

"Our backups are better than their backups."

In all seriousness, however, Briggs commented on the reserve-filled contest, agreeing that what the Bears did bodes well for the future of the rivalry. He also said that all the injuries made for a level playing field between the two teams.

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"It says a lot. When Aaron Rodgers goes down, to me, it puts everyone on an even ground. We have our backup quarterback, you have your backup quarterback. We lose one of our defensive starters, they lose some of their defensive starters. Offensive starters, offensive starters. To me, it was an opportunity for both teams to show what they had, and the Bears fought harder than the Packers did for a longer period of time, so we came out with the 'W.'"

Check out the video above to hear Briggs' full thoughts on Monday's win and more.