The mix-up: Bears' Kyle Long navigates 'identity' crisis

The mix-up: Bears' Kyle Long navigates 'identity' crisis
November 21, 2013, 12:15 pm
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When the Bears face the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, there will be Longs all over the place: Kyle at right guard for the Bears, his brother Chris at defensive end for the Rams, and no-relation Jake at left tackle for the Rams.

Announcers have had issues with the multi-Longs, with the likes of ESPN’s Jon Gruden even referring to Kyle as “Chris.” But not even being face to face with Long has prevented mixing them up. Sometimes the mixup involves all three.

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Kyle was at a signing this week and a “guy walked up to me and said, ‘Jake, I was very skeptical of the [Bears draft] pick but you’ve had some very good tackles this year,’” Long said laughing. “My head almost exploded, not because I was mad or anything, just out of confusion. He’s there getting a ball signed, he’s got a Bears jersey, hundreds of dollars on memorabilia and, ‘I’m Kyle, man, I play on the offensive line.’

“I signed it ‘Kyle’ but he wouldn’t have known either way, I don’t think.”