Moon explains Marshall-NFL shoe controversy

Moon explains Marshall-NFL shoe controversy
October 10, 2013, 3:30 pm
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CSN Staff

By Evan Moore

Brandon Marshall's choice in game cleats for Thursday's game got him in some hot water with the NFL this week.

Comcast SportsNet insider John Mullin was a guest on "Pro Football Talk" Thursday.

He gave an explanation to the Brandon Marshall shoe controversy.

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The All-Pro receiver was initially told that if he wore the green cleats for Thursday's game, he would fined by the league. On Wednesday, Marshall was given the impression that he would be ejected from the game if wore the green cleats.

Marshall told Mullin that he would wear them anyway.

“The interesting thing here, Brandon was told, specifically ‘you will not be permitted to wear them,’ Mullin said. "A colleague, who had another source in the league, said that’s 100 percent accurate.”

He also said the NFL decided to let Marshall wear the cleats because they did not want any negative press regarding the situation.

“The informal take is that the NFL realized what a minute, were going to be ejecting a guy for standing up for mental health,” Mullin said. “ We’re going to look like the heavy’s here.”

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Mullin says that the league and Marshall can live with how things turned out.

"There appears to be a change of direction by the league," he said. "They certainly backed off and just said you pay your $5,000 fine, which makes them look good because he going to match that for mental health maybe it was a win-win and everybody backed off of it."

The Bears take on the New York Giants Thursday night.