NFL Power Rankings: Colts proving to be contenders

NFL Power Rankings: Colts proving to be contenders
October 8, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Scott Krinch and Jake Flannigan

Every week during the NFL season,'s Scott Krinch and Jake Flannigan will roll out updated power rankings.

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Check out the rankings going into Week 6:

Rank Scott Jake Comment
1  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg

Scott: Peyton Manning is on pace for 64 touchdowns! Starting to believe he could go down as the best QB to ever play the game.

Jake: It ain't easy being the best. Dallas gave Denver a test, but it wasn't enough.

2  photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg  photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg

Scott: It's looking like the road to the Super Bowl in the NFC will have to go through New Orleans.

Jake: Still undefeated after great road win in Chicago.

3   photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg   photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg

Scott: Was there a better offseason move than the Chiefs hiring Andy Reid?

Jake: Best team early in an NFC North race that will be fun to watch.

4   photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg  photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg

Scott: The Colts have put the rest of the AFC on notice. Indy is for real and belong among the elite.

Jake: Nearly pulled off back-to-back wins in foreign territory.

5   photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg  photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg

Scott: Are a completely different team away from CenturyLink Field. Still one of the best in the NFC though.

Jake: KC finally cracks the Top 5 for me and I think this team is just getting started.

6   photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg  photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg

Scott: Beat Detroit on Sunday. We'll see how they play without their defensive leader, Clay Matthews, for the next month.

Jake: Getting it done without two of their best players from last season.

7    photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg
 photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg

Scott: For the first time under Brady, the Patriots offense is holding them back.

Jake: Colts notch a nice win vs. Seattle that should continue to boost confidence.

8   photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg  photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg

Scott: Two blowout victories in a row. I think it's safe to say the 49ers are back on track.

Jake: If it didn't rain in Cincy I believe Brady would've found a way and the Patriots would still be undefeated.

9   photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg  photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg

Scott: The most confusing team in the NFL. Beat the Patriots and Packers, but lost to the Browns?

Jake: The Bengals are starting to turn things around. Could see this team getting on a run.

10   photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg  photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg

Scott: It's clear the recipe for success is to feed Ray Rice the ball.

Jake: Losing to the Packers in Green Bay isn’t the end of the world. Lions just need to bounce back in Cleveland.

11   photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg  photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg

Scott: Stayed with Green Bay for 40 minutes on the road without Megatron. That right there shows the Lions aren't pretenders.

Jake: The injuries are piling up for the Bears, but the turnovers for the defense have come to an abrupt halt.

12  photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg   photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg

Scott: At one point on Sunday the Bears lined up McClellin (DE), Cohen (DT), Wootton (DT) and Bass (DE). Injuries have decimated the Bears D-Line.

Jake: Keep finding ways to win, but a huge obstacle awaits them in San Francisco this week.

13   photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg   photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg

Scott: Is Geno Smith the new Mr. 4th Quarter? The rookie QB has three game-winning drives this season.

Jake: Baltimore will prove how good they really are when Green Bay comes to town.

14   photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg  photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg

Scott: Leave Tony Romo alone.

Jake: Tough home loss to Baltimore stings as the Dolphins have the week off.

15  photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg  photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg

Scott: I think it's safe to say the Dolphins will be using a first-rounder in 2014 on an offensive tackle.

Jake: Romo had a chance to silence the critics, but he just made them boo even louder. Still a playoff-caliber team.

16   photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg  photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg

Scott: Still believe Fitzpatrick -- despite Sunday's miserable performance -- will keep them in the hunt until Locker returns.

Jake: The Titans did what they could against a hot Chiefs team last week. Now it’s off to Seattle for some more disappointment.

17   photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg  photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg

Scott: The 29-year-old journeyman gets his chance in Cleveland. Oh wait, Weeden is only in his second year.

Jake: I’m going to just act like that loss last week didn’t even happen.

18   photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg  photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg

Scott: Defense looks legit, but wins over the Buccaneers and Panthers shouldn't have Cardinals fans buying Super Bowl tickets just yet.

Jake: Must win two games in a row. Must win two games in a row!

19    photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg  photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg

Scott: Matt Schaub is a complete train-wreck right now. It's time to see what Yates can do. He can't be any worse, right? 

Jake: Geno Smith brought the goods Monday night in Atlanta. Can he keep it up?

20   photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg  photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg

Scott: I'm not a believer in Foles, and I don't think he's the man capable of running Kelly's offense.

Jake: Punishment for losing to the Jets at home? The Falcons fall below them in the rankings.

21   photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg  photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg

Scott: Keenan Allen is emerging in San Diego. He will be a household name a year from now.

Jake: Time for the Eagles to take hold of the NFC East with a win at Tampa Bay.

22    photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg  photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg

Scott: A win over the Jaguars may be their only victory this month.

Jake: Will the Redskins take advantage of a heartbroken Cowboys squad, or come out of the bye week flat with a loss?

23   photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg  photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg

Scott: Just when you thought this team could start competing they lose Manuel on a play where he should have slid.

Jake: All kinds of questions at the QB position now, but there’s no doubt about who will deliver out of the backfield against Carolina.

24   photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg  photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg

Scott: Disaster in Atlanta. This is what Tony Gonzalez came back for?

Jake: Two wins are about how many I thought the Raiders would have after 16 games. Oakland could make a statement at Kansas City this week.

25   photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg  photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg

Scott: Pryor has the Raiders headed in the right direction. 7 wins is a real possibility and a huge step forward for their young roster.

Jake: Finally! Rivers and the Chargers will begin their free-fall now.

26   photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg  photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg

Scott: Which Redskins team will we see coming out of the bye week?

Jake: Picked up another win, but lost their starting quarterback. Weeden, it’s now up to you.

27   photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg  photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg

Scott: Ron Rivera could be the first coach fired this year. Panthers need a change in philosophy.

Jake: Not good enough in Cleveland and now E.J. Manuel is on the shelf.

28   photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg  photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg

Scott: Signing Josh Freeman could pay huge dividends for the Vikings.

Jake: Should have come off of the bye week with a little more steam. I’m not liking the long-term outlook for the Panthers.

29   photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg  photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg

Scott: Wouldn't be surprised to see the Steelers come out of the bye week with a victory in New York.

Jake: The Giants looked better at times, but they still lost and they still are winless.

30  photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg

Scott: I would have never expected a Tom Coughlin coached team to be winless through five games.

Jake: The Bucs traded Josh Freeman, so they should totally win now, right?

31  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg  photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg

Scott: Do your thing Mike Glennon. You can't be any worse than Josh Freeman. Or can you?

Jake: The Steelers could show some heart with a victory over the Jets this week.

32  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg

Scott: Stay classy Jacksonville.

Jake: Just what the 0-5 Jags needed…a trip to Denver to make things all better.