NFL Power Rankings: Dolphins make big leap

NFL Power Rankings: Dolphins make big leap
September 18, 2013, 9:15 pm
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CSN Staff

Every week during the NFL season,'s Scott Krinch and Jake Flannigan will roll out updated power rankings.

Week 2

Check out the rankings going into Week 3:

Rank Scott Jake Comment
1  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg

Scott: The Broncos aren't just beating teams, they're annihilating them. Manning has the offense clicking on all cylinders. 

Jake: How good can Denver become? Will it be 12, 13 or 14 wins?

2  photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg  photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg

Scott: Good luck to any team that has to play at CenturyLink Field come January.

Jake: The Seahawks were the team flexing after their Week 2 win over the 49ers.

3  photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg   photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg

Scott: There isn't a quarterback better than Aaron Rodgers in the NFL right now ... FACT.

Jake: Didn’t look like the same team from one week ago.

4  photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg  photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg

Scott: Still a Top 3 team in the NFC despite an embarrassing, uninspiring performance in Seattle on SNF.

Jake: I think it’s safe to say Aaron Rodgers will tear you apart if you let him.

5  photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg  photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg 

Scott: If the defense continues to play at this level, watch out NFC.

Jake: If DeAndre Hopkins continues to develop, Houston will be a legitimate threat.

6  photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg  photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg

Scott: Survived another scare. DeAndre Hopkins provides a dimension the Texans haven't had the last few years.

Jake: Barely escaped Tampa Bay with a win. We know how good the Saints are at home, but they have to improve on the road or they will lose some respect.

7  photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg
 photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg

Scott: The Patriots offense badly needs Gronk and Amendola back. Dobson and Thompkins aren't cutting it.

Jake: Still underachieving, but a quality win over the Rams was key.

8  photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg  photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg

Scott: Has Jay Cutler turned the corner? Signs are pointing up. 

Jake: A pair of come-from-behind victories has Chicago feeling sky-high.

9  photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg  photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg

Scott: Injuries are mounting up for the Falcons. Defense was torched in the second half by Sam Bradford in Sunday's victory.

Jake: The Patriots will rise when Gronkowski returns.

10  photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg  photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg

Scott: The Law Firm is solid, but Bernard showed why he's threat to score every time he touches ball in their victory over Pittsburgh.

Jake: Cincy has a new dynamic weapon in Gio Bernard.

11  photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg  photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg

Scott: I think Mike Wallace is happy again. Impressive road win over the Colts has their arrow pointing up.

Jake: The heat is on in Miami…only it’s the football team that is grabbing headlines.

12  photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg
  photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg 

Scott: What happened to the Ravens offense?

Jake: A narrow win over the Browns was only the second best thing a Flacco delivered last Sunday.

13  photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg   photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg 

Scott: The Chiefs are finally healthy and are a force to be reckon with in the AFC.

Jake: Kansas City is proving they are for real. It’s the defense that will face a big test in Philly this week.

14  photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg  photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg

Scott: Andrew Luck has been great, and Trent Richardson makes their offense scary. 

Jake: Dallas has another tough opponent in Week 3 as the Rams make a visit.

15  photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg  photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg 

Scott: Shouldn't be that hard to convert on third down with guys like Bryant and Witten.

Jake: New York will face an equally desperate Panthers squad in Carolina.

16  photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg  photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg

Scott: Tavon Austin is the most explosive rookie in the NFL ... FACT.

Jake: Larry Fitzgerald’s hamstring injury is a concern, but I think Arizona will continue to surprise in 2013.

17  photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg  photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg

Scott: Who had Eddie Royal as the NFL touchdown leader through Week 2 in their office pool?

Jake: Detroit has all of the talent in the world, but can they stay disciplined enough to contend for a playoff spot.

18  photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg  photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg

Scott: Why haven't the Lions found a compliment to Calvin Johnson in the passing game?

Jake: Luck and the Colts ran up against an improved Miami team and now have the daunting task of trying to win in San Francisco.

19   photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg  photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg

Scott: Another track meet on Sunday, but Philly's defense couldn't find a way to get off the field.

Jake: Minnesota may be the most talented 0-2 team in the NFL. We will see if the Vikings show up this week against the Browns or fade into irrelevancy.

20  photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg  photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg

Scott: I think Eli Manning just threw another interception.

Jake: E.J. Manuel got emotional in a thrilling win over the Panthers. Now the rookie can’t let up against the lowly Jets in Week 3.

21  photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg  photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg

Scott: The Bills made the right move in drafting Manuel ... FACT.

Jake: Which Rams team will we see in 2013?

22   photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg  photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg

Scott: Defense is bad, but the Cardinals offense will keep them in a bunch of games this season.

Jake: The season starts now! No, now! Wait. How about now?

23  photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg  photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg

Scott: I think the Titans are for real.

Jake: I think Philly may have come back down to reality.

24  photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg  photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg

Scott: Were one play away from ending their losing streak at Soldier Field.

Jake: Cam Newton needs to right the ship or his head coach may be gone.

25  photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg  photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg

Scott: What happened to the Redskins defense. Their secondary has been abused so far in 2013.

Jake: Alright, Philip Rivers proved me wrong two weeks in a row. He won’t do it a third time.

26  photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg

Scott: The clock is ticking on Ron Rivera's tenure in Carolina.

Jake: Maybe Darrelle Revis should just take over and be player/coach.

27  photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg  photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg

Scott: Pryor and McFadden (if healthy) could provide a lethal combination for the Raiders offense. 

Jake: I was going use a clever Disney movie reference here, but I can’t recall the name of that film. I’m just really at a loss, similar to Tennessee. Oh, I ‘Remember the Titans’ now!

28  photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg  photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg

Scott: How long until fans start calling for Tim Tebow again? Or has that already happened?

Jake: The Steelers can save their season with a win over the Bears. Not sure it’s going to happen though.

29   photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg  photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg

Scott: It doesn't get any easier for the Steelers with the Bears looming on SNF.

Jake: When your quarterback is Terrelle Pryor you might as well stay on the bus.

30  photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg  photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg 

Scott: All the Browns have to show for two first rounders in 2012 is Weeden and future first. Sad. 

Jake: Geno Smith is the next…Mark Sanchez. You mark my words NYC.

31  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg

Scott: Just feed the ball to Doug Martin, it's that simple. 

Jake: How serious is MJD’s injury? Ahhh, it really doesn’t matter. Jacksonville is awful.

32  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg  photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg


Jake: Cleveland just fell below Jacksonville simply for the fact that they traded their top star to the Colts.