NFL Power Rankings: Patriots getting it done

NFL Power Rankings: Patriots getting it done
October 2, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Scott Krinch and Jake Flannigan

Every week during the NFL season,'s Scott Krinch and Jake Flannigan will roll out updated power rankings.

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Check out the rankings going into Week 5:

Rank Scott Jake Comment
1  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg

Scott: Honestly, I don't see how anybody beats them barring any injuries. My Super Bowl pick and it's not even close. 

Jake: I thought this was a 13 win team, now I’m thinking even better.

2  photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg  photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg

Scott: Good teams find a way to win on the road. And the Seahawks are more than just a "good" team.  

Jake: Proved that even on the road they can pull one out against a tough opponent.

3   photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg   photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg

Scott: The two-headed-monster of Brees and Graham looks to be back and better than ever. 

Jake: Still coming to grips with the quality of the defense. Brees, Sproles and Graham aren’t too shabby either.

4   photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg  photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg

Scott: Wash, rinse and repeat. New faces and the Patriots just keep finding a way to succeed. 

Jake: I don’t know how they’ve done it, but New England is still undefeated.

5   photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg  photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg

Scott: Surely they won't go 16-0, but the Chiefs are built to contend for years to come. 

Jake: A week of rest will help the Packers in their Week 5 showdown with the Lions.

6   photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg  photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg

Scott: Riding the big "Mo" right now, but square off against the class of the NFC in the Seahawks on Sunday. 

Jake: Maybe I soured on San Francisco a little prematurely. San Fran still has a ton of talent.

7    photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg
 photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg

Scott: Rested and ready for an NFC North battle with the upstart Lions. 

Jake: Another complete win has the Chiefs in the playoff picture. Getting it done in all three phases.

8   photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg  photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg

Scott: Reggie Bush is exactly what the Lions have been missing. Only question: Will he stay healthy? 

Jake: Still a top team, but need to start finding ways to win big games instead of coming up short in them. 

9   photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg  photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg

Scott: "Bad Jay Cutler" returned, but the main concern in Chicago is the demise of their defensive line. 

Jake: Breaking News: the Lions offense is crazy good.

10   photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg  photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg

Scott: Feeling good after thrashing of the Rams. It didn't take long for Kaepernick to silence his critics. 

Jake: Turnovers will almost always lead to losses.

11   photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg  photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg

Scott: Reality check in New Orleans. Ryan Tannehill is on pace to get sacked about a bazillion times. 

Jake: Should be a heck of a game to see this Sunday against the Seahawks.

12  photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg   photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg

Scott: Never know which Bengals team is going to show up. 

Jake: Need a bounce-back performance at home vs. the Ravens.

13   photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg   photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg

Scott: Loss of Locker stings. Need Fitzpatrick to tread water for at least four weeks. 

Jake: Will the Texans always be the big engine that couldn’t?.

14   photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg  photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg

Scott: Run-Pass balance ... heard of it Ravens? 

Jake: Embarrassing loss to the Browns has many scratching their heads about Cincy.

15  photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg  photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg

Scott: I think the Texans and their fans are sadly coming to the realization that Schaub isn't the answer. 

Jake: Not sure if Tony Romo will ever silence his critics.

16   photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg  photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg

Scott: Still have time to turn it around, but I've never been a big believer in the over-hyped Matt Ryan. 

Jake: Jake Locker’s injury appears to be serious, but the Titans got another win and the talented QB should be back by mid-season.

17   photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg  photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg

Scott: Rivers looks like the NC State Rivers right now which is a very good thing for the Chargers. 

Jake: Impressive D continues to steal victories for Arizona.

18   photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg  photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg

Scott: Now that's the Cowboys we know and love. 

Jake: I still don’t know why I underestimate these Chargers so much. Continue to get it done.

19    photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg  photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg

Scott: I thought the Browns were supposed to be tanking? Apparently Hoyer didn't get the memo. 

Jake: The Redskins take a week off before a huge division matchup in Dallas on SNF.

20   photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg  photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg

Scott: Thursday's battle with the Browns will be the most exciting TNF game so far this season. Really! I'm being serious. 

Jake: Adrian Peterson was not about to let the Vikings fall to 0-4.

21   photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg  photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg

Scott: Cam Newton and the Panthers are hoping the bye week didn't halt their mojo. 

Jake: The Bills may just be scratching the surface of how good they will become.

22    photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg  photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg

Scott: If they just had a running game to compliment their dangerous wide receiving corps. 

Jake: A victory over the Giants could be just what the doctor ordered.

23   photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg  photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg

Scott: Jets fans already wants Ryan to bench Smith. Whoa, that didn't last long. 

Jake: One interception. Two interceptions. Three interceptions, floor.

24   photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg  photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg

Scott: Much-needed victory going into the bye week. Should be right in the hunt in a weak NFC East. 

Jake: Cam Newton and company are hoping a bye week doesn’t take any of their momentum away.

25   photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg  photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg

Scott: Wouldn't be surprised to see the Vikings stick with Matt Cassel as their starter. 

Jake: That loss to the 49ers was about as ugly as it gets.

26   photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg  photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg

Scott: A date with Jaguars is just the medicine the Rams need. 

Jake: Another win. I swear that will be Cleveland’s last of the season.

27   photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg  photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg

Scott: Is it safe to say the Chip Kelly honeymoon in Philadelphia is over? 

Jake: Another loss. I swear that won’t be the last of the season for the Jets.

28   photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg  photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg

Scott: How long until Matt Flynn is on the unemployment line? 

Jake: This spot in the rankings may be a bit generous.

29   photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg  photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg

Scott: Antrel Rolle thinks the Giants could run the table? C'mon Man! 

Jake: Is there a QB controversy in Oakland? No, because people have to actually care first.

30  photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg

Scott: Hey Pittsburgh, at least you've got the Pirates. 

Jake: Hope you got your next college coaching gig lined up Greg.

31  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg  photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg

Scott: I heard there was opening at USC. I think it's time for Greg Schiano to go back to the college ranks. 

Jake: Big Ben says the Steelers are the worst. I disagree. But, he’s not too far off.

32  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg

ScottWill Jacksonville win a game this year? The outlook doesn't look bright. 

Jake: Oh bring me a QB. One that can throw all day. Oh bring me a QB. One that won’t throw the ball away.