NFL Power Rankings: Seahawks soaring

NFL Power Rankings: Seahawks soaring
October 23, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Scott Krinch and Jake Flannigan

Every week during the NFL season,'s Scott Krinch and Jake Flannigan will roll out updated power rankings.

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Check out the rankings going into Week 8:

Rank Scott Jake Comment
1  photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg

Scott: Best in the NFC become 'Top Dog' in the NFL with the looming return of Percy Harvin. 

Jake: Despite a loss to the Colts, the Broncos are still the best team in the NFL.

2  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg  photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg

Scott: A slip up in Indianapolis doesn't worry me about their chances of representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. 

Jake: Momentum building as Seahawks aim for third straight win.

3   photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg   photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg

Scott: Don't want to discredit what the Chiefs have done, but their first seven opponents have a combined record of 15-33. 

Jake: The Chiefs are on top of the AFC West, but this team still has a ton to prove.

4   photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg  photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg

Scott: Offense is scary with the emergence of Eddie Lacy. And the defense is getting it done without Clay Matthews. 

Jake: After a bye week, the Saints look to remain unbeaten at home when the Bills travel to New Orleans.

5   photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg
 photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg

Scott: The bye week should have helped Jimmy Graham get closer to 100 percent. 

Jake: If you beat the best it’s only fair that you move into the Top 5.

6   photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg  photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg

Scott: Victory over the Broncos came with a huge price in losing Reggie Wayne for the season. Will young WR corps be able to step up in his absence? 

Jake: The injuries keep piling up for Green Bay, but so do the wins.

7    photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg
 photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg

Scott: Don't look now but the 49ers have a four-game winning streak and don't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. 

Jake: A victory over the Titans makes it four straight for San Francisco. Next on the list, Jacksonville.

8   photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg  photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg

Scott: What has gotten into Andy Dalton? The Bengals have bounced back in a big way after a slow start to the '13 campaign. 

Jake: The Bengals edged out the Lions last Sunday and now host the soaring Jets.

9   photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg  photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg

Scott: Tom Brady just doesn't look right. 

Jake: New England has lost a ton of impact players. Plus, the guys they are getting back aren’t quite 100%.

10   photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg  photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg

Scott: Rod Marinelli has provided a jolt into the Cowboys defense who just held the No. 2 offense in the NFL to a field goal. 

Jake: Still atop the NFC East in large part due to an impressive defensive performance in Philly.

11   photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg  photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg

Scott: The Chargers offense is clicking on all cylinders. Ryan Mathews is starting to quiet the doubters. 

Jake: Not enough to get past the Bengals, but a Week 8 win over the Cowboys will say a lot about how this season may turn out for the Lions.

12  photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg   photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg

Scott: Back in August who would have predicted the Jets would be in the hunt for the AFC East crown?  

Jake: Cam Newton is just getting going and the defense is holding opponents in check week after week.

13   photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg   photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg

Scott: Megaton doing Megatron things ... Lions doing Lions things 

Jake: Another win gives San Diego four on the year. This team may be in the playoff picture by the end of the season.

14   photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg  photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg

Scott: One step forward, one giant step back for the reigning Super Bowl champions. 

Jake: When the three biggest impact players (Cutler, Briggs, Tillman) on your team go down in one game, you know your arrow is pointing down. 

15  photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg  photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg

Scott: Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Bears are allowing 29.4 points per game. Loss of Briggs will make that number even scarier. 

Jake: I keep thinking Tannehill will take over games, but being responsible for three turnovers is not being an x-factor. Simon Cowell is not impressed.

16   photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg  photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg

Scott: Cam Newton doing work for Carolina. It looks like that sophomore slump is well in the past. 

Jake: Geno Smith this. Geno Smith that. Man, you would think this guy just helped a New York team beat a team from Boston.

17   photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg  photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg

Scott: Three consecutive losses have dropped the Dolphins back down to earth. 

Jake: The defense showed up against the Cowboys, but that high-powered offense didn’t find the end zone once. 

18   photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg  photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg

Scott: Jack Locker showed no signs of rust in his return. The Titans have found their franchise quarterback in Locker. 

Jake: In a year where Baltimore should own Pittsburgh, the Ravens still find a way to struggle at Heinz Field.

19    photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg  photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg

Scott: That lucrative contract the Bills dished out to Mario Williams is starting to look like it was well worth it. 

Jake: I had such high expectations for Carson Palmer heading into the season. That optimism has been completely sucked out of me.

20   photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg  photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg

Scott: Offense looked BAD against the Eagles. The return of Michael Vick should get the Eagles back on track.  

Jake: Keenum was so close to pulling off a much-needed win for Houston. Fact is no one can stop Andy Reid.

21   photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg  photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg

Scott: Jason Campbell, your table is ready. 

Jake: See you later Sam Bradford. Season’s over.

22    photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg  photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg

Scott: Harry Douglas made fans forget about Julio Jones and Roddy White. Although I don't think that will last long. 

Jake: Another win could have me believing in the Redskins.

23   photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg  photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg

Scott: I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Steelers will be a playoff team this season. 

Jake: Nice victory over Miami, but still an uphill battle without Manuel.

24   photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg  photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg

Scott: Ouch. Just when you thought the Rams were turning the corner they lose Sam Bradford for the season. 

Jake: Jake Locker is back, but he wasn’t quite the same. Neither are the Titans.

25   photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg  photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg

Scott: Carson Palmer ... he is who we thought he was. An overrated quarterback. 

Jake: Every week will be tough with a defense that gives up way too much.

26   photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg  photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg

Scott: RGIII is back. The Redskins ground game appears to be back. Only problem? A trip to Denver.

Jake: This Browns team reminds me of so many Bears teams from past seasons.

27   photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg  photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg

Scott: Injuries are piling up in what looks to be a lost season in Houston. 

Jake: Another win for Big Ben and company. So they definitely aren’t the worst team in the NFL.

28   photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg  photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg

Scott: Pretty excited to see what Pryor does coming out of the bye week. When was the last time you could say that about a Raiders quarterback? 

Jake: The worst team in a very tough division. I guess that’s the only silver (and black) lining. 

29   photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg  photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg

Scott: Wow was that Monday Night Football game ugly? The Giants will take it though after picking up their first win of the season. 

Jake: The G-Men got a win. Too late though, the Jets are quickly taking over the Big Apple in 2013.

30  photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg  photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg

Scott: The Vikings are in turmoil. The coaching staff had no business playing Josh Freeman against the Giants when he clearly wasn't ready. 

Jake: No one expected this heading into the season.

31  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg

Scott: Maybe a trip across the pond will be the cure for the ailing Jaguars. 

Jake: I thought things were about as bad as they could get for the Bucs. Exit Doug Martin, and Tampa Bay is nearing a meltdown.

32  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg

Scott: No Doug Martin. A head coach that isn't cut out for the job. Things are bleak in Tampa Bay. 

Jake: Is it just me or are the Jaguars the lovable losers of the NFL. Good bunch of fellas.