NFL Power Rankings: Undefeated Chiefs soaring

NFL Power Rankings: Undefeated Chiefs soaring
September 25, 2013, 3:15 pm
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Scott Krinch and Jake Flannigan

Every week during the NFL season,'s Scott Krinch and Jake Flannigan will roll out updated power rankings.

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Check out the rankings going into Week 4:

Rank Scott Jake Comment
1  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg  photo broncos_zpse3ee9d6d.jpg

Scott: Peyton Manning may have already locked up the MVP award. Will anybody be able to stop Denver's offense?

Jake: Still cooking even with the loss of All-Pro offensive tackle Ryan Clady.

2  photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg  photo seahawks_zpsce3e91f8.jpg

Scott: Clearly the class of the NFC. Nobody has been able to penetrate their secondary.

Jake: Russell Wilson has the offense going, while the D is gaining confidence.

3   photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg   photo saints_zps493adc46.jpg

Scott: The story in New Orleans has been their stout defense. Oh and they have that Brees fellow.

Jake: Pressure from Rob Ryan’s defense is making it tough for other teams to stay with the Saints.

4   photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg  photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg

Scott: Brady's rookies are improving. Offense will only get better with the impending return of Gronk and Amendola.

Jake: Aaron Rodgers and the Packers won’t lose two weeks in a row. Well, I guess it is a bye week for Green Bay, so technically they can’t win either.

5   photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg  photo chicagobears_zpse2487c10.jpg

Scott: Mr. Fourth Quarter struck again in Pittsburgh. Trestman's voodoo is working wonders on Cutler in 2013.

Jake: Losing Henry Melton may hurt, but the front four wasn’t getting to the quarterback that often with him in the lineup.

6   photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg  photo patriots_zps5d6f60f3.jpg

Scott: Forced Rodgers into an unheard of two-interception game. Bernard looking like the real deal.

Jake: Great Week 4 test for the Patriots as they head to Atlanta on SNF.

7    photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg
 photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg

Scott: The defense isn't messing around in Kansas City. Have wrecked havoc on opposing quarterbacks all season.

Jake: A win over New England could be a major statement by Matt Ryan and the Falcons.

8   photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg  photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg

Scott: Can the upstart Dolphins make it back-to-back victories over NFC South opponents with the Saints looming on Monday Night Football?

Jake: San Francisco keeps losing and now the team’s best pass rusher is in rehab.

9   photo packers_zps9241c3a0.jpg  photo dolphins_zps9170b9f9.jpg

Scott: Badly need this bye week to get healthy. Still one of the best in the NFC despite the two losses.

Jake: The arrow is pointing up for the Fins.

10   photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg  photo bengals_zps979320a5.jpg

Scott: Nobody saw that coming. The Colts defense game-planned to perfection against the 49ers. And Bradshaw out-shined the newly acquired Richardson.

Jake: The Bengals have responded with two wins in a row. Can they make it three straight?

11   photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg  photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg

Scott: Have gotten their act together since the opening night embarrassment. Ravens defense hasn't allowed a passing touchdown since Week 1.

Jake: I’m suddenly not as high on Houston as I was going into the season.

12  photo 49erslogo_zps18c00d7c.jpg   photo chiefs_zps5c89355c.jpg

Scott: 49ers face their first battle with adversity in the Harbaugh era. How will they respond?

Jake: The Chiefs are 3-0 and safety Eric Berry is slowly overcoming his fear of horses.

13   photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg   photo ravens_zpsced68d15.jpg

Scott: Quietly the Cowboys are putting together a good season. When have we heard that before?

Jake: Baltimore refuses to have a Super Bowl slump.

14   photo texans_zps3ae24c97.jpg  photo cowboys_zpsbcbd9db5.jpg

Scott: Houston, we have a problem. Sorry ... it just fits perfectly right now.

Jake: Dallas must avoid a setback in Week 4 at San Diego.

15  photo falcons_zpsc0934b80.jpg  photo colts_zps5a4eb2fd.jpg

Scott: The running backs did their job in Jackson's absence. It's Atlanta's defense that needs help right now.

Jake: The Colts now have a two-headed monster run game and a pretty solid QB under center.

16   photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg  photo lions_zps074dea3c.jpg

Scott: Ended their losing streak in Washington. Early bragging rights on the line as they host the Bears on Sunday.

Jake: Detroit has momentum, but losing WR Nate Burleson (broken arm) after a car crash that involved a slice of pizza, is never a good thing.

17   photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg  photo titans_zpsd2b36b0a.jpg

Scott: Are the Titans for real? Haven't had a turnover yet in 2013. Winning formula right now in Tennessee.

Jake: In a week where the Bucs gave up on Josh Freeman, the Titans may have found their franchise QB in Jake Locker.

18   photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg  photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg

Scott: The Jets will have to live with the rookie mistakes from Geno Smith, but right now he's head and shoulders above Sanchez.

Jake: Arizona has had to face some tough opponents, but luckily a trip to Tampa Bay is on tap this week.

19    photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg  photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg

Scott: When will Sam Bradford turn the corner? He's got the weapons finally, but is still struggling.

Jake: Carolina gets an important victory and now has week off to prepare for the Cardinals.

20   photo panthers_zpsc4db51ee.jpg  photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg

Scott: A much-needed thrashing of the Giants headed into the Bye Week.

Jake: Something has to give as the 0-3 Vikings meet the 0-3 Steelers in London.

21   photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg  photo rams_zps85e0ab6d.jpg

Scott: The Chargers are who we thought they were.

Jake: Another difficult matchup for the Rams as they travel to San Francisco. But they are in luck next week when they host the Jags.

22    photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg  photo eagles_zps5caacc0e.jpg

Scott: Offense is looking like the real deal, but Chip Kelly needs to do something to get his defense shored up.

Jake: The Eagles either put it all together and explode against the Giants, or the Chip Kelly offense implodes.

23   photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg  photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg

Scott: The Bills' future is bright, but just not this season.

Jake: Oakland has never looked so inviting to RGIII and the Redskins.

24   photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg  photo bills_zpsf06fb9b4.jpg

Scott: Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon are legit. Could be a fun offense to watch ... in 2014 when they have Teddy Bridgewater under center.

Jake: Not sure Buffalo has what it takes in 2013, but a win over Baltimore could change everything.

25   photo cardinals_zps2c2a2adb.jpg  photo chargers_zps6d08cd8a.jpg

Scott: Tough schedule to open up the season, still nowhere near being a playoff contender, let alone an 8-win team.

Jake: The Chargers will get pounded by the Cowboys and all of the positive energy will be sucked out of that classy city.

26   photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg  photo jets_zpsbff565ef.jpg

Scott: Nearly completed the comeback against the Bears. Should get win No. 1 with the Vikings on tap in London.

Jake: I’m not buying into Geno Smith and the Jets. I think Tennessee is going to have their way with New York.

27   photo redskins_zps13fad0a6.jpg  photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg

Scott: Suddenly, last year's darlings are winless and matchup against Oakland is no gimme if Pryor plays.

Jake: Arrowhead Stadium will add to the horror that is the 2013 season for the Giants.

28   photo giants_zps9b2d5a38.jpg  photo browns_zpsdc533f95.jpg

Scott: Tom Coughlin is on the hot seat again. Last time that happened, the Giants went on to win the Super Bowl ... twice.

Jake: Loved the fight Cleveland showed in last week’s road win over the Vikings. Josh Gordon is a heck of a player.

29   photo vikings_zpsf7b3524d.jpg  photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg

Scott: Minnesota is searching for answers after an embarrassing home loss to lowly Browns.

Jake: This is going to be another awful season for the Raiders.

30  photo raiders_zpsc0ec5905.jpg  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg

Scott: Will Oakland ever be a good team again?

Jake: See ya Josh Freeman…hello Mike Glennon.

31  photo buccaneers_zps914c60de.jpg  photo steelers_zpsb3a0fe2e.jpg

Scott: Mike Glennon ... really? I guess it can't get any worse in Tampa Bay. 

Jake: Showed a little something against the Bears, but this season is over for Pittsburgh.

32  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg  photo jaguars_zps46ba3d92.jpg

Scott: At least they should be able to find a starting QB in the 2014 NFL Draft. Wait, didn't we say that before they drafted Gabbert in 2011?

Jake: Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.